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IWatch has sapphire cove laser cutting market cap "money" immeasurable
- Jul 29, 2014 -

IWatch has sapphire cove  laser cutting market cap "money" immeasurable

REVIEW: According to industry bodies recently released "2014 global sapphire market report" pointed out that the upcoming debut of the Apple iWatch at the end of the cover, will have the opportunity to import the sapphire material.

Han's Laser on March 17 on an interactive platform that the company last year, Han's Laser LED sapphire cutting equipment in order to achieve a field of nearly 100 million RMB, but the order amount is cumulative, below the disclosure standards, and therefore not subject to disclosure.

Vice Chairman Zhang Han's Laser Group had at the annual shareholders meeting, the company last year, LED sapphire substrate cutting equipment to achieve nearly $ 100 million in revenue, and now the beginning of this part of the business very well, benefiting from LED lighting high degree of prosperity, the sapphire substrate cutting equipment orders from optimism, nearly a quarter have half the total orders last year, large industry as a whole needs year is expected to be high growth.

It is reported that Apple will be launched by the end of 2014 iWatch, and the chances are high that cover the use of sapphire, which is expected to further promote the sapphire substrate market demand. IWatch is expected to cover the sapphire in 2014, reaching 6% of global sapphire market demand.

According to industry organization recently released "2014 global sapphire market report" pointed out that the upcoming debut of the Apple iWatch at the end of the cover, will have the opportunity to import the sapphire material. Since the sapphire material having a wear-resistant, scratch characteristics, traditional fine watches sapphire table cover been around for ages.

However, compared to conventional fine watches annual market size of only one million or so, the market demand for hand-held device much larger, and the cover of the past, the traditional flame fusion method using Sapphire Dan Changjing process has been unable to cope with the handheld huge market demand application device. According to iWatch specification, you must use the special specifications sapphire crystal rod manufacturing to be able to meet the design requirements of the subsequent processing, which also explains why Apple needs aggressive provisioning sapphire industry supply chain reasons.

It is understood that Apple first introduced the iWatch will watch men and women, the cover will be fully sapphire table cover, were men and women paragraph 1.66 inch 1.33 inch. Because iWatch launched in the end of 2014, so if in 2014 a total of 5 million iWatch demand forecast will generate 6% of the sapphire market demand.

As 2015 iWatch total shipments figures are divergent views, the current understanding of the number of stocking iWatch in the first quarter of 2015 amounted to 13 million. If sales than expected, the market's most optimistic forecast will have the opportunity to ship 60 million. By then the overall demand for sapphire cover will account for 27% of the amount of the sapphire substrate, the sapphire substrate and the total overall consumption will grow more than doubled compared to 2014, reaching 129%. Thus increasing the demand for sapphire, it is bound to give the production of sapphire laser cutting equipment Han's Laser, laborers technology and other enterprises to bring greater development opportunities.

Earlier this year, Han's Laser Gao Yunfeng, chairman, once said in the performance briefing, currently sapphire in the field of consumer electronics trend also appeared in large-scale applications, the company has a long and rich experience accumulated in the laser processing technology sapphire . The company now has independent provider of sapphire laser processing solutions and technical capacity to develop with customers means providing customized technology solutions based on different customer needs.

Meanwhile, the company also said that laborers technology picosecond laser, sapphire cut in the pilot stage, but the King of the former president of the group which is still relatively cautious. He said, "3C applications in recent years and continue to create the concept, but in fact there is no more space functional demands of industry and the company's ability to drive smaller, demand for our laser cutting and confidential processing equipment drive is not as before. Although the company sapphire technology and applications make the product ready, but sapphire and is not suitable for 3C product applications only from the perspective of material, brittleness is a problem, and the application of the concept of a relatively short life cycle. "

Sapphire prosperity cycle

As early as late last year, Apple and a very special time for many years advanced technology signed sapphire material supply contracts, capital market set off a burst of speculation sapphire heat; Recently, Apple announced a "sapphire glass anti-oil coating" patent, once again highlighting its attention on sapphire. Insiders pointed out that the above-mentioned patent documents mentioned in this technology can be used in mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices; China Taiwan region recently Sapphire and foundry planes came cooperative development with sapphire wafer polishing discs to replace the diamond discs, sapphire industrial applications more depth. Accordingly, the upcoming iPhone6 and iWatch might expect with a sapphire glass display significant warming.

Analysts said Apple's huge demonstration effect, coupled with the large resonance LED lighting cycle, 2014 sapphire has become the most widely used new materials, the future of its high degree of prosperity will be stretched.

According to media reports, China Taiwan region recently Sapphire and foundry planes came cooperative development with sapphire wafer polishing disc to replace diamond disc, which makes sapphire industrial applications in depth. It is understood that the sapphire applications are constantly being expanded, in addition to a wide range of applications in LED lighting display applications, the "Apple effect" will open its wide application in the intelligent terminal, so huge future market space.

For the sapphire into the semiconductor market, the industry is estimated that the global wafer market diamond polishing discs up to 100 billion New Taiwan dollars. An analyst at Guotai Junan Securities said that sapphire will become the new material in 2014 the most widely used applications, including iwatch and other wearables, iPhone6 other smart machines, LED lighting and large commercial NB cycle change (touchpad, fins), camera other applications (such as security, etc.), sapphire is expected to be broken down through the whole terminal application components.

With Sapphire concept of hot dishes, some market participants believe that, from the current market boom of sapphire up view, this boom to continue for at least three quarters.

Currently sapphire manufacturer universal active layout. In mid-March in Shanghai SEMICON exhibition, a large number of Chinese enterprises unveiled sapphire, sapphire manufacturers are also optimistic about the prospects of collective sapphire, sapphire and active distribution chain.

According to the latest foreign media reports, sources said, there are many contractor tenders, prepare apples and very special expansion Arizona factory, allegedly new plant may be located directly behind the present site. The latest information on the US International Trade Administration (U.S.International Trade Administration) showed that the land adjacent to the plant appears to be open space, then let Apple build a new plant area fairly.

Insiders pointed out that sapphire material and perhaps Apple is really the key raw material of new products, after all, a very special apple and jointly built plant not completed, there is news that the two sides again to build a new factory covers an area as large as possible and the construction of the plant .

It is understood that, although not yet completed, Arizona factory, but the factory has started production of the product. After allegedly completed in June this year, the plant will have 1700 Sapphire Dan Changjing furnace can be mass-produced sapphire crystal (sapphire boule). The previous record import and export facility, currently uses up to 950 crystal growth furnace.

In addition, some foreign media reports, the British open-source operating system Ubuntu developer Canonical chief executive Mark Shuttleworth on February 19 this year at a conference call, Apple has just bought a sapphire screen supply three years, Canonical had also wanted to also the screen used in its "Ubuntu Edge" smartphone. In fact, since last year with a very special apple multiyear sapphire material supply contracts, iPhone coming sapphire screen news spread like wildfire. From the very special inside leaked documents, Apple seems to have purchased a sufficient amount of Sapphire Dan Changjing furnace (sapphire crystal furnaces), capable of producing 1-2 one hundred million 5-inch iPhone screen sapphire in Arizona. And an Apple recently released "sapphire glass anti-oil coating" patent describes a detailed oleophobic or repel oil coating is applied on how sapphire glass panels, the anti-oil sapphire glass will be installed on mobile devices. It is reported that anti-oil coating first appeared on the Apple iPhone 3GS, this technology is to prevent the accumulation of grease and other debris on the touch screen. Since iPhone 3GS after, iPhone and iPad are used in anti-oil coating, but for Corning Gorilla Glass coating technology and can not be applied on a sapphire material. Apple patent that, given the different crystal structures of glass and sapphire glass, and thus the normal bonding techniques can not be used.