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Laser Anti-counterfeiting Industry Norms And Application Process
- Oct 21, 2016 -

Laser anti-counterfeiting industry norms and application process


Before the two-dimensional code appearing, laser anti-counterfeit labels have always been great demands, many companies have been using this way to anti-counterfeit, but some other companies have not used and may not know the process of laser anti-counterfeiting. Maxphotonics will introduce how to make laser anti-counterfeit labels from the production principle and process of laser anti-counterfeiting.


Production principle of Laser anti-counterfeit labels: laser anti-counterfeit label also called laser holographic security labels, which is a colorful laser holographic security labels-working sills and generic skills molded end of the plate to end the skills are: lattice dynamic brilliant, one-time special laser film, 3D optical miniature scenery, colorful optical random dry, and Chinese and English uranium reduction text, This logo to alumina film as the main material, in the logo appearance can do company information, LOGO, trademarks, but also the person's head or other special pictures, lines. Applicable to all types of professional goods, such as digital, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and so on. And such tags lower cost.


Originally, Government did not give the corresponding norms for producing this anti-counterfeit, the following mentioned laser anti-counterfeiting label production process is developed by the professional heap from the accumulation of a higher power specification.


1. At first, company need to propose needs, then make plenty of communication with the security company for what do you want.

2. The anti-counterfeiting companies provide professional treatment program in accordance with the needs of the company,  and mail free samples and 315 security information.

3. Company selected suitable commodity and supply trademark.

4. Anti-counterfeiting companies make multiple samples in accordance with customer needs for company selected.

5.The company provide the relative company information (three permits: business license, organization code, tax registration certificate)

6. Both sides signed contract, the amount of production, cycle, service and other conditions to make clear provisions to ensure the safety for the long-term cooperation.

7. As usual , company pay 50% in advance, security companies can print and produce, production cycle is around 7-10 days.

8. Company paid off after received the recognition of anti-counterfeit goods.

9. Anti-counterfeiting companies provide free service for life, if there are other questions, anti-counterfeiting companies also will help to deal with.

Laser security label production process:

1. Planning manuscript, a film: Pan-color overflow planning security logo, a film;

2. Color Blind: the production of laser holographic masterbatch produced with the color-blind;

3. Small version: making laser small version at the room of laser version film according to the planning of the manuscript and the film (usually a single label);

4. Electroforming: electroform with the finished small version , to got small metal version (metal sample);

5. Imposition: small the large version used for metal plate on the puzzle to fight the production of anti-counterfeit labels ;

(6) Re-electroforming: large version electroform the holographic anti-counterfeiting Master cast, and the operating version (on the molding machine);

7. Molding: The working plate presses the drawing to the PET aluminum base film through the molding machine;

8. Drying network: and then the film drying network for the printing scratch layer preparation;

9. Beer hole, mark code: beer hole, marking appearance code;

10. Gluing: Coding the future commodity gluing, chose the glue-type according to the customer's request and different stickers (oil, plastic, the original plastic, etc.);

11. Scraping on the silver: bask the scrapping silver before next process, or the next process can not end;

12. Printing words on Scrap silver, such as: "scraping coating to lose the authenticity of the identification code";

13. Die-cutting: Produce die-cut in accordance with the requirements of company, die-cut into various forms of standard anti-counterfeit labels;

14. Discharge:  Remain the rest paper after the die out.

15. Quality inspection: a very important step, remove the nonconforming product through the quality inspection, make up the qualified goods, repeat the above operation if the number is not ok to ensure that anti-counterfeit labels are good to the hands of customers;

16. Storage: anti-counterfeit label production is over.

The Laser marking distinctions, General users mainly through the naked eye to investigate, but also through the microscopic equipment to investigate the internal characteristics of the engraving, and then distinguish between authenticity. The characteristics of the same template is the same label, but the template in the lithography process by a variety of parameters and environmental conditions, not to make two same templates, which is the most important laser Security features. Its colors are gold, silver, red, blue, green and so on.