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Laser industry all-round development, "light of the world" just around the corner
- Sep 21, 2016 -

Laser industry all-round development, "light of the world" just around the corner

Today, the laser has been widely used in electronics manufacturing, aerospace, rail transportation, automobile manufacturing, brittle materials processing, fast moving consumer goods and other 360 industries. Economic downward pressure, laser industry contrarian flying, has come to the eve of the blowout. Application of laser technology transformation of many traditional industries, and promote the development of a number of emerging industries extension, audio-visual equipment such as laser industry, laser communications, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, packaging, laser printing, laser bar code detection industry, military laser industrial, and laser processing and laser medical industry and so on. It is in all fields of national economy has been widely used to promote the development of national economy.

The establishment of the domestic industry standard institutions to promote the display industry in line with international

The rapid development of the laser display technology, the fourth generation of display technology laser display has come, Hisense, Sony Ericsson and other industries biggest names have been released show new products. Development of laser display technology not only enables Chinese companies control the industry chain the right to speak, and our country will become a powerful digital multimedia art foundation. Domestic laser display standard working group was established on the one hand it is conducive to China will promote domestic standards with international standards as soon as possible, on the other hand will help drive domestic enterprises and institutions to participate fully in international standards-related work, to fight for our country in the international standard more favorable status.

Market demand to accelerate the development of medical equipment, intelligent equipment

Our laser medical equipment production since the early 1990s, the extraordinarily rapid pace of development. Currently the major hospitals have been established Laser Medical Center, 80% of small hospitals have also set up laser medical departments, greatly increased domestic medical profession laser medical equipment needs. Countries in the development of medical laser equipment and more for large equipment, expensive, with the advent of semiconductor lasers, medical lasers have become smaller, household, economic-oriented. To this end, our medical laser is about to embark on this small road.

From desktops to notebooks, to tablets, to future quantum computers, electronic technology technology is constantly progress, showing core diversified, functional integration, performance, fast, small volume trends multidimensional, but now has always been the lack of a revolutionary computer products on the market, "laser computer" appears to fill this gap. With the advent and development of the brain light screens, you will not need any carrier medium, direct light into the air or a vacuum, to produce high-quality images, magnify the screen to complete the perfect idea, which is the virtual screen VS . Laser is expected to upgrade the computer, it will integrate more features desktops, laptops, tablets, TVs, projectors, etc., and will be equipped with a flexible screen technology. All the countries are moving in this direction.

Technical requirements continue to promote laser innovation 

Early lasers using stimulated emission principle that certain substances in the optical amplification by stimulated emission or oscillation device, after developing the use of lasers will be out of control. Fiber lasers and industrial robot technology combined with laser processing is an inevitable trend of modern industrial development. Industrial robot has excellent space operations capability, large processing range, enabling the motion path of the online / offline programming control. In recent years, fiber laser processing equipment at an alarming rate. With the requirements of science and technology, the development of faster and faster laser. Picosecond lasers, femtosecond lasers, quantum lasers came into being, we must follow the objective law of industrial development, investment in human, material and financial resources and government support policies combine the required innovative development of the laser industry materials, key components, lasers, test and evaluation system and the whole system, incorporating the world's laser industry track.

New applications bring sector reform

In recent years, optical theory and technology continue to make breakthroughs, to bring big changes in the industry, with the development of diode-pumped lasers and laser materials, laser TV step by step approach, has been a significant increase in color gamut and saturation coverage . Constantly improve the research and development applicable to the present higher brightness, multi-color and low-cost laser TV.

Lasers toward miniaturization, intelligent, high-energy direction. From the initial to the solid-state laser medium power fiber laser, to ultrashort pulse lasers, as well as the next quantum lasers, every innovation has brought a big change, bringing industry numerous opportunities and challenges.