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Laser Industry Experts Praised The Exchange Open Day
- May 24, 2016 -

Laser industry experts praised the exchange open day 

Maxphotonics Technology + operating power to shine

"A huge impact, the pace of development is very fast." On the afternoon of May 20, the opening day of the industry exchange was held by maxphotonics Laser. After visiting the modern production building, many visiting guests expressed their feelings. On the same day, Mr. Chen Chao, Secretary General of Laser Processing Association of China, Mr. Liu Shankun, Secretary General of Wuhan Laser Society of Hubei Province, Mr. Du Keming, President of EdgeWave GmbH and Carlos Lee, Secretary General of European Optoelectronic Industry Association, etc., represented more than 100 leading authorities in China and abroad. Laser technology experts, academics, entrepreneurs gathered in Maxphotonics Shenzhen headquarters, a close feeling the technology strength and development speed of Maxphotonics.

MAX Laser Marketing Director Wu Huapeng explain to guests in detail about company's fiber laser technology, a major breakthrough in product promotion and application. In the application center of MAX Laser, a series of smart fiber lasers, mid power and high power continuous fiber lasers and other high-speed laser cutting products were held to show the wisdom of the company.

Max own the 9000 square meters of clean room 1000 with annual output of 200,000 units of small and medium-power products, and 4500 square meters of talented R & D building , ... ... Advanced production facilities and equipment and modern management methods, the integration of the mode of operation is impressive Profound, attracting many guests observation, shooting, the atmosphere is very warm.

Subsequently, MAX laser as a landlord, to hold a grand banquet for all the guests. Guangdong Laser Industry Association Secretary-General Shao fire caused the opening words, Chairman Jiang Feng, chairman of the laser speech to thank the industry for many years of concern and support in the atmosphere of a comfortable and happy dinner, open exchange ended successfully.

Industry colleagues highly praised and affirmed the MAX laser play a major role  in the laser industry value chain , as well as by virtue of quality technical services to promote industrial upgrading to make important efforts. In recent years, MAX Laser sticks to the global vision and launches a series of revolutionary products, such as 1500W single-mode continuous fiber laser and Smart fiber laser. In the future, MAX Laser will carry out research and development upgrade and strategic transformation, adhere to the "technology is value" To the "Internet + laser" era of positive move.