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Maxphotonics 800 W Single-mode Continuous Fiber Laser Was Awarded The Ringier Technology Innovation Award
- Mar 26, 2015 -

Maxphotonics 800 W single-mode continuous fiber laser was awarded the Ringier Technology Innovation Award

In March 18, 2015, the laser industry Jung technology innovation award ceremony was held in Shanghai. Laser Industry Ringer Innovation Technology Award: to recognize the outstanding contribution of the industry by innovative products and leading technology to stimulate business innovation awareness, encourage more enterprises, especially local enterprises put technological innovation to enhance productivity and economic benefits; to provide users with More convenient; to green, sustainable development purposes. In the spirit of "Fairness, Justness and Transparency", Ringier Technology Innovation Award of the laser industry has gained wide attention and recognition in the industry and has become the vane of laser industry development. The selection activities of hundreds of high-level corporate representatives, representatives of the judge team and other industry gathered in the award ceremony site, to share and witness innovative products and technologies to the Chinese laser industry milestone important moment. 

Maxphotonics Laser Co., Ltd. 'S elite products "800W single - mode fiber laser" by the jury highly recognized and access to the laser industry Ringer Innovation and Technology Award.