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Maxphotonics Attended The 10th Asia (Shenzhen) International Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition
- May 03, 2016 -

Maxphotonics attended the 10th Asia (Shenzhen) International Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition

Shenzhen International Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition will be held once a year in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, laser colleagues once again gathered together to explore and look forward to the current opportunities and challenges of the laser industry, MAX laser will be happy to participate in.

As one of the strongest comprehensive strength in a number of domestic laser companies , MAX laser is committed to providing you with the best laser solutions. Especially in the field of pulsed fiber lasers, MAX Laser launched a highly integrated intelligent fiber laser at the 2016 Munich Expo in Shanghai. It is a perfect interpretation of MAX Laser's future technological concept. In the Laser Forum, Maxphotonics invite you to more closely understand this product. Laser core + smart core, cost savings, the world's smallest features the strongest to accept OEM customization and other advantages will be highly intelligent laser marking system to bring a broader application market.

In addition, Maxphotonics will bring you the following series of products:

Acousto - optic Q - switched fiber laser series;

Pulse width adjustable MOPA pulse fiber laser series;

Single - mode, multi - mode continuous fiber laser series;

Semiconductor laser system.

Shenzhen International Laser Manufacturing Exhibition, this long-awaited laser technology feast has been ready, MAX laser as the host in Shenzhen will show you the best quality products and services. Warmly look forward to your visit!