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Maxphotonics Certified To ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification
- Oct 18, 2018 -

Under the unremitting efforts of Maxphotonics staff, after comprehensive, strict and meticulous guidance and audit by experts of the certification body, it is confirmed that Maxphotonics quality management system meets the requirements of ISO9001:2015 quality management system standards, and in September 2018, Maxphotonics issued the ISO9001: 2015 version of the quality management system certification.



What is ISO9001?

ISO9001 is an internationally recognized quality management system (QMS) standard. It is the global QMS benchmark and the preferred solution for more than 1 million companies in more than 150 countries around the world.

All enterprises that have passed ISO9001 certification have reached international standards in the integration of various management systems, indicating that the company can provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products continuously and steadily.

The importance of ISO9001 to the company?

The ISO 9001 quality management system provides the foundations, procedures, processes and resources needed to help companies monitor and improve their performance and achieve high efficiency, quality service and products.

Harvard Business School research shows that "ISO-based companies have higher viability, and sales and employment growth rates are higher."

  ISO9001 quality management system certification helps:

● Improve corporate management capabilities

● Improve product, process and service quality

● Improve customer satisfaction

● Increase production capacity and reduce waste

● Enhance competitive advantage

● Improve organizational image and reputation


International standard, world brand

Maxphotonics's certification is upgraded from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015. ISO9001:2015 is the most rigorous version of the audit. In addition to internal audit and external audit, it also enhances the risk identification and organization of enterprises. Knowledge and other requirements.

Obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, which is a comprehensive inspection of the standardization and standardization of Maxphotonics management. It will further optimize and standardize various management systems, strengthen the supervision and inspection of standards implementation of various departments, and improve system operation. The effectiveness of the company, improve the management level of the company, and provide more powerful guarantee for improving product quality and customer service.

ISO9001 is an internationally recognized quality management system standard. It can be certified. Maxphotonics has reached the level of world brand in terms of enterprise management mode and product quality, and many products of Maxphotonics have reached the world's leading level. This has provided a strong guarantee for Maxphotonics  to carry out international business.

Maxphotonics quality, all the strengths

Maxphotonics upgraded the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification for 6 months. It began preparations in March 2018, and passed the internal audit in July 2018. In September 2018, the expert group went to Maxphotonics for field inspection and completed the project. Trial and passed smoothly.

In the early stage, in order to improve the understanding of the ISO9001:2015 quality management system and the successful completion of the internal audit work, Maxphotonics organized relevant employees of various departments to participate in the ISO9001:2015 quality management system internal auditor training lectured by professionals. 29 people passed the assessment and obtained the internal auditor certificate of the quality management system. At the same time, after years of accumulation and improvement, Maxphotonics has established 168 inspection specifications, 597 operation instructions and 82 management systems, providing the company with scientific quality management and quality assurance methods and means.

In addition, in order to further improve product quality, Maxphotonics has also newly established an optical testing center and a reliability testing center, introducing relevant elites and purchasing advanced testing equipment, with an accumulated investment of over 25 million yuan. And the exclusive QR code is attached to the product and the whole machine to facilitate traceability of product information and control product quality. At the same time, it has invested millions of Oracle ERP systems to improve the management efficiency of enterprises, save time and reduce costs.

The certification of ISO9001:2015 has passed the certification, which marks that Maxphotonics has reached a new level in quality management, indicating that Maxphotonics has obtained a wider range of work in product quality, management level, corporate culture and market reputation. Maxphotonics will also strictly improve the work efficiency of each department in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality management system, and at the same time ensure the quality of the products, let the quality concept penetrate every employee and create excellent quality!