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Maxphotonics Fiber Laser Assist 3D Printing And Industrial Upgrading
- Apr 13, 2016 -

Maxphotonics fiber laser assist 3D printing and industrial upgrading

3D printing technology --- manufacturing innovation

3D printing, that is addictive material manufacturing technology, Based on the digital model file, using powdered metal or plastic and other materials, and laser heat sources, through the accumulation of the way to manufacture products. 3D can process the parts , which traditional manufacturing difficult to manufacture, saving raw materials, is an epoch-making manufacturing methods. With the rapid development of laser source, material, control and other related technologies, 3D printing has developed rapidly in recent years, has been widely used in industrial design, education and other consumer-level markets, and has been gradually used in aerospace, automotive, medical and other high-end industries Field of high-quality products directly manufacture.

According to the specific process, 3D printing can be divided into FDM (melt deposition type), SLM (selective laser melting), SLS (selective laser sintering) and other types. Noah Fram-Schwartz 3D printing based on the materials used and processing technology, the existing 3D printing methods are summarized as shown below.

MFSC-200 air-cooled fiber laser

Fiber lasers have developed rapidly in recent years because of their excellent beam quality, ease of system integration, reliability and maintenance-free advantages. As the leading enterprise of fiber laser products in China, Maxphotonics Laser is committed to providing high quality laser products for laser processing applications such as cutting, welding, marking and 3D printing. MFSC-200 air-cooled continuous fiber laser, its power can be continuously adjustable, excellent beam quality, high power stability, electro-optical conversion efficiency, small size, reliability and maintenance-free, it is the ideal laser device for 3D printing.

Focus on 3D printing applications, leading the industry

Aerospace, medical and other industries have strict requirements on the precision of 3D printing products , excellent beam quality, output power and stability of the laser is a guarantee of high-quality 3D printing. MAX laser focusing on the development of high-performance fiber lasers, MFSC-200 air-cooled fiber lasers are highly acclaimed for their high quality and price advantage.

Extremely high beam quality: beam quality M2 1.2, to meet the stringent requirements of high-precision 3D printing;

Excellent laser stability:  laser power stability in 1 hour≤ 1%, escort for the 3D printing;

Compact structure, small size, the air-cooled easy-to-3D printing equipment system integration;

High performance, the price advantage: Maxphotonics is committed to providing customers with high-quality lasers, while providing highly competitive prices.

Technical specifications of MFSC-200 air-cooled fiber laser

Optical Properties
Output Power≥200
Output Power Turning Range
Central Wavelength1080±5nm
Laser Beam Quality

Emission Bandidth(3dB)4nm
Short-term Power Stability
Long-term Power Stability±2
Turn-on time of Laser±5us
Turn-off time of Laser
Repetition Frequency20kHZ
Power of Red Laser150
CoolingAir cooling



Help 3D printing, to achieve industrial upgrading

As an epoch-making manufacturing method, 3D printing is the key technology to realize industrial upgrading under the new economic situation. MAX laser products have been more and more customers for aerospace, automotive, medical and other industries of 3D printing applications, it is the industrial-grade 3D printing right-hand man.