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Maxphotonics Hu Xiaobo Visits Russia With Premier Li Keqiang 2014 Moscow "open Innovation" Forum
- Oct 21, 2014 -

Maxphotonics Hu xiaobo visits Russia with Premier Li Keqiang 2014 Moscow "open innovation" forum

The third "open innovation" Moscow International Innovation and Development Forum and the "100 outstanding Youth " opening ceremony held in Moscow grand in the October 14, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang and Russian Prime Minister Medvedev attended the Moscow Science and Technology City " Open "international forum opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Mr. Hu Xiaobo, Deputy General Manager of Maxphotonics Laser Co., Ltd. As one of the ten outstanding representatives of China's "Global Youth", with Mr. Li Keqiang's visit and attend the forum, Maxphotonics Laser is the only one company invited to participate in this forum in China's laser industry.

"Open Innovation" The Moscow International Forum on Innovation and Development is a platform for discussion on new technologies and prospects for international innovation. One of the objectives of the Forum is to strengthen scientific and commercial cooperation in the field of innovative production. The major research and development of new technologies in the forum to communicate in the meeting, the world's industrial manufacturing added vitality. Innovation is the ladder of human progress, the development of human civilization and the source of wealth creation.

As the partner country of the forum, the Chinese side set up an exhibition area of 240 square meters of high-tech achievements, and 44 scientific research achievements on behalf of China's 18 latest scientific and technological achievements. The exhibition covers the construction and development of China Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, High-speed railway locomotives, nuclear power, high-end manufacturing, nanotechnology, LED display, laser, communications and other fields, in order to show Russia in recent years in the field of scientific and technological innovation has achieved fruitful results.

At the exhibition, China CSR Qingdao Sifang Company demonstrated CRH380A high-speed motor car. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation demonstrated the launch vehicle, lunar exploration, manned spaceflight and Beidou navigation system and other fields of innovation. Huawei, ZTE, Inspur, Mi and other Chinese IT companies demonstrated in Russia to carry out data communications, servers, storage and terminal equipment business achievements.

As a representative of the laser industry in Shenzhen City, Maxphotonics laser show advanced technology achievements of pulsed laser and continuous fiber laser. In addition, Mr. Hu Xiaobo at the forum published on the fiber laser technology and its latest progress in the application of the report, caused by the Russian high-tech enterprises in China's strong interest in innovation and technology. As a distinguished representative of the Chinese laser industry, Maxphotonics Laser Co., Ltd is a world-class laser manufacturer. With the mission of "Technology Pratt & Whitney public", we adhere to the idea of creating the future technology. Providing fiber laser core components, impeccable re-sale, sales, after-sales service and advanced laser solutions for global customers

Maxphotoncis laser’s low-cost, high-performance fiber laser has been widely used in traditional manufacturing industries, and promote national industrial upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry. The company's innovative ideas and the "open innovation" International Innovation and Development Forum coincides with the opportunity. Only by constantly innovating technology, to develop better, go farther, products and services throughout the world!.