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Maxphotonics Laser Brilliant Shine In Munich Shanghai
- Apr 01, 2015 -

Maxphotonics laser brilliant shine in Munich Shanghai

March 17-19, 2015, a three-day “Laser World of PHOTONICS China” was held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. The exhibition is the largest laser, optical and optoelectronic industry event in Asia. From the basic research to the industrial application, the exhibition led the development of the industry. It focus on show covered laser, optoelectronics, optical and optical manufacturing, laser production and processing technology. The first-class Optoelectronics market display platform.

As an outstanding representative of China Laser, Maxphotonics Laser is a world-class laser manufacturer. We are committed to providing our customers with the core products of fiber laser, perfect pre-sale, after-sales service and advanced laser solutions. In this exhibition, Maxphotonics laser to "Max products, Max image" as the theme from the laser to the core device, showing a different laser technology, including the acousto-optic Q switched pulsed fiber laser, MOPA pulsed fiber lasers, smart fiber laser , Single mode / multimode continuous fiber laser and pump source and other core devices.

In the exhibition, Maxphotonics laser displayed a new logo, new products, new image, to the scene of the new and old customers are stunning in the rapid development of Maxphotonics laser and the tireless pursuit of the ultimate confidence in laser industry. The scene of the "sweep WeChat, winning personalized signature" activities also attracted the enthusiastic participation of many viewers. Exquisite charging Po, nail clippers, USB flash drives and with a small blessing of the small gold sheep and other small gifts were all involved in the audience. In Max fiber laser marked with their own personally signed on the name, or with the blessing of the beautiful patterns, a laser hope that through this way so that customers leave a good memory and understanding The magical power of Max laser, more determined cooperation and win-win confidence with Maxphotonics laser.

Maxphotonics laser thanks to all the Chinese and foreign visitors for their support and trust and look forward to continue to meet in Shanghai next year. 2015 is a key to the development of Maxphotoncis, we will adhere to rigorous and serious attitude of intensive cultivation, and strive to bring our customers better quality, more cost-effective products, solutions and services.