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Maxphotonics Laser Co., Ltd Annual Meeting Was Held Successfully
- Feb 11, 2015 -

Maxphotonics Laser Co., Ltd Annual Meeting was held successfully

Maxphotonics laser annual meeting successfully held in February 7, 2015 at the Kirin Hotel. Looking back over the past year, Maxphotonics laser families through their own efforts and persistence, so that product sales accounted for more than half of total sales in the Chinese market, this remarkable performance, not only reflect the market recognition of our fiber lasers. But also fully demonstrated the laser-a technical strength. Just two or three years, with an alarming rate of rise. Outstanding leaders, excellent management team, excellent research and development team, and those who stubbornly persists in the family's joint efforts, so that Maxphotonics laser - more brilliant today.

The annual meeting was very happy to eat, sharing links is to make people overjoyed, rolling the big screen, all kinds of ridicule for a variety of take away, a variety of show, Maxphotonics laser is a vibrant, vibrant family.

The atmosphere of the annual meeting is very active, shocking music to the climax of the annual meeting, we are looking forward to this long-awaited annual meeting, each program brings joy and surprise, thank them every day at work While the hard rehearsals, so that the program is so good. Here to all the family members to participate in the performance of 365 praise! Is that you make the annual will become more meaningful, every wonderful moment with your hard rehearsal inseparable. In the new 2015, Chuang Xin laser will start from the "Xin", "yang" sail set sail to the farther, larger goal.

Maxphotonics laser wish you auspicious Year of the “Goat”, and all the best. In the Year of the Ram.