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Maxphotonics Laser Created A New Model Cooperation With Shenzhen Technician College
- May 28, 2015 -

On the afternoon of May 20, Shenzhen Maxphotonics Laser Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Shenzhen Technician College to jointly set up Laser Cutting Welding Laboratory. The signing ceremony was held in the auditorium of Shenzhen Technician College. Mr. Hu Xiaobo, the founder of Maxphotonics Laser, attended the signing ceremony. At the same time, Technician college twelfth skill festival closing ceremony and commendation meeting successfully held.

Maxphotonics laser will seize this opportunity to cooperate with the Shenzhen Institute of Technology on the teaching and research applications, personnel training and other aspects of deep-level cooperation, the establishment of complementary advantages, school-enterprise cooperation mechanism. According to the agreement, Maxphotonics laser will provide the college laser cutting and laser welding solutions, and jointly promote the application of laser technology, industrial development. In addition, Maxphotonics will support the professional construction, training room construction, teacher training in laser industry and other aspects of support given to the College of Technicians. Technician College will deeply cooperate with Maxphotonics laser in laser application technology research, personnel training, and a laser to carry out close cooperation, and jointly committed to the Chinese laser industry to develop more applied, complex, innovative high-skilled personnel, and promote the development of the laser industry.

Laser technology is a high-tech in the world nowadays, depth integrate with information, computers, machinery molds, new materials, new energy and other high-tech technology, to be the of a national science and technology and modern manufacturing competition to win the strategic heights. Shenzhen has become the gathering place of China’s laser industry. As the outstanding representative of China Laser, Maxphotonics

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