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Maxphotonics Laser Successfully Selected pilot 100 Youth Leading Company
- May 04, 2015 -

In the morning of April 30, the "Youth-led" Youth Scientists and "Pioneer 100" Young Entrepreneurs Dialogue held in Guangzhou were jointly organized by the China Youth Association, Youth League Committee, Activities on-site announced the "pilot 100" third batch of shortlisted enterprises list. The selection of a total of 437 business registration, the selection of the final selection of 100 as a "pilot 100" program members. Shenzhen Chuangxin Laser Co., Ltd. Successfully entered the "Pilot 100" by virtue of outstanding contributions in the fiber laser industry. As an outstanding representative of China laser and a world-class laser manufacturer, Chuangxin Laser has experienced an annual sales growth of 300%. In the pulse fiber laser in 2014 is achieved remarkable performance, market share ahead of international and domestic competitors. The future, a laser will continue to increase scientific research investment, to provide the market with higher cost-effective fiber lasers, to achieve billions, billions of corporate goals struggling to move forward!

About "Pilot 100"

"Pilot 100" Guangdong Yiyuan-level leadership of young entrepreneurs to enhance the strength of the program (hereinafter referred to as "pilot 100" program), for the selection of hundreds of provincial-level billion yuan youth leader, forming a "hundred billion" geese development cluster (That is, 100 enterprises in the main business income of more than 100 billion), the integration of all forces to provide policy support for enterprises, financing help, research docking, intellectual support and other support to support the development of leading young enterprises to build large-scale backbone enterprises in Guangdong Reserve echelon, cohesion and cultivate a group dare to dare to take, sunshine, innovative spirit and social responsibility of young entrepreneurs, help Guangdong to achieve "three positioning, two first."

About Maxphotonics

Maxphotonics Laser is a leading manufacturer and exporter of fiber laser and its core components. It is also the first one in China to realize localization and integration of laser and passive components. High - tech enterprises. Low-cost, high-performance fiber lasers are widely used in traditional manufacturing industries to realize the corporate goals of Pratt & Whitney and promote the industrial upgrading of the national equipment manufacturing industry.