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Maxphotonics Laser: The Domestic Fiber Laser Market Development Strategy
- Dec 15, 2014 -

Maxphotonics laser: the domestic fiber laser market development strategy

Founded in 2004, Maxphotonics Laser is a leading manufacturer and exporter of fiber laser and its core components. It is also the first domestic leading laser manufacturer of the fiber laser and optical passive device, and the first and only high-tech enterprise in China to vertical integration two core technologies. The following are real-time record of Maxphotonics laser interview:

1. Maxphotonics Laser for several years to participate in support of the Asian Laser Forum and display, how do you evaluate this year's activities?

A: The annual Asia Laser Forum and laser manufacturing exhibition is a domestic laser industry event, from all over the government, academics, experts, manufacturers, buyers are to come together. In particular, many of the top experts to bring a wonderful speech report, but also a very good academic and industry communication platform.

2. Maxphotonics laser is the more well-known, the development of more mature fiber laser manufacturers, please briefly introduce your company which is mainly operating the series of products? Recent any progress at sales promotion in the market?

A: Maxphotonics laser is now the largest pulsed laser manufacturers, in the market share, we may have occupied 60% -70%. Now we have a series of: acousto-optic Q-switched pulse fiber lasers, MOPA pulse width adjustable fiber lasers, mind and high-power continuous fiber lasers, and core high-power devices.

This year's sales growth is still quite good, it is estimated that more than 300%. We have mastered the core of fiber laser technology and devices, so as to provide customers with an optimal cost-effective products, which is the core of our competitiveness embodiment, is also the basis of our success

3. Looking back now, in 2014, what breakthrough Maxphotonics laser in the development of innovative strategy?

In this year, our larger breakthrough is a core component of fiber lasers - pump source package, in near future, we will use self-produced package pump source. At present the core of the chip will be imported products, so that we can further reduce our costs and improve our gross margin, while providing customers with a more cost-effective products, which is this year we achieved a great success.

The other is, Maxphotonics laser Anshan branch officially put into operation, and now the production capacity has reached 500 per month. To the end of this year, it is estimated that our research and development of the mid power products, that is, 500W, 800W or even within the 1000W single-mode single-fiber output high-power fiber lasers will be massive production in Anshan, which is a great progress.

Third, we will continue to launch single-mode 2000W, multi-mode 2000W fiber lasers, including 3000W, 4000W and 6000W multimode products, this further expansion of our product line to provide the company's comprehensive competitiveness.

Fourth, we plan to launch ultra-fast picosecond-class fiber lasers in the second half, which is our fourth core competency series.

4. Please talk about the competitive situation of the current domestic fiber laser products, as well as the development of the industry prospects.

A: At present, the domestic fiber laser market a bit messy, a variety of products, various manufacturers a bit like a melee, especially in the price. But I still believe that after the Ebb Tide, the real strength will stay, such as our Maxphotonics laser. In addition to the core competitiveness, but also to provide customers with good service and a good cost-effective products, and follow-up to have more room for development.

There are many companies that do fiber lasers, but for those companies that do not have strong cost control, I suggest that they consider other options to target market segments and make some market strategy adjustments to avoid Quality competition. While it is also conducive to the development of the whole of China's laser industry. To the extent of the development of China's manufacturing industry and the scale of view, The laser companies have sufficient market space and opportunities, there is no need to get together to compete in the same market.

5. You just mentioned in a continuous high-power laser in a breakthrough, the domestic development in this area still have a greater challenge, what do you think the key problem?

A: In fact, for multimode fiber lasers, it is not a very difficult thing to do higher power, nor is it a core issue. The key is single-mode single-fiber power to be able to do much, the core device can withstand much power level. If these two problems are resolved, in order to make 1 million watts, 2 million watts, 5 million watts or even 100,000 watts of power, no problem.

For us, or adhere to a "device first" strategy, we are correspondingly in the field of higher power continuous fiber laser solid to our core devices do a good job. At the same time, we will do a lot of market needs of the product, and will quickly enter.