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Maxphotonics Laser Win Nearly 100 Million 4th Round Financing Sprint A Shares IPO
- Jul 23, 2015 -

2015 July, MAX laser successfully completed D round of financing, financing amount of nearly 100 million, and a grand board of directors held in 2015, so far,  MAX laser after four rounds of financing, ABCD four rounds of average annual value more than doubled. At present there are still a lot of external investment partners regret to miss the opportunity , such a high growth rate of MAX laser in the high-tech industry performance is quite eye-catching, Fully demonstrated that the capital market highly approved MAX laser that 300% market growth per year and only the market can decide the enterprise value core! This year, MAX laser small power products sales still achieve year-on-year growth, the rapid development of high-power products sales made on the board of directors of venture capital partners and shareholders have expressed high praise, have strong support for the company's high-level development of established business strategy, To go for the development of enterprises to provide adequate financial support and protection!

The successful D round financing of MAX laser benefited from the laser technology has been supported by national development planning, from the "Sixth Five-Year Plan" to the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" countries will be laser technology as a special, to give special attention. Mr. Hu Xiaobo, Vice General Manager of MAX Laser, invited with Premier Mr. Li Keqiang to visit Russia, and Academician Lin Zunqi and Vice President of China Association for Science and Technology, Mr. Feng Changgen came to visit and inspected MAX laser. These leaders have given the attention of the largest support and advance the driving force to MAX laser.

National policy support and attention to create MAX laser to bring development opportunities, and the development of an enterprise rely solely on external forces is not enough. In the past few years, MAX laser do a strong guarantee to R & D funds, increasing investment in technology research and development, creating a relaxed and efficient R & D environment. In terms of quality adhere to the quality concept of "product is the character," to enhance the laser products have a higher cost-effective positioning for the core business direction. MAX laser always adhere to the customer philosophy of the achievements of customers is to achieve their own, won the customer's broad recognition and long-term support.

The future, MAX laser will continue to consolidate leading position of market share in international and domestic, to promote the global laser industry's rapid development. MAX laser has been officially launched the pace of appearing on the market, and strive to land IPO market as soon as possible and inject new vitality for China's laser and equipment industry.