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Maxphotonics Laser Won 2014 Outstanding Product Award Of OFweek.
- Sep 11, 2014 -

Maxphotonics laser won 2014 outstanding product award of OFweek.

Recently, by OFweek laser network organized "OFweek Laser Awards 2014 years of laser industry annual award" at the Shenzhen Exhibition Center Four Seasons Hotel successfully held. After three months of nomination, through first instance, online voting and final screening, the three awards were finalized selected from the three major dimensions of "enterprise, product and technology", which as the principles of "open, fair and equitable".

Maxphotonics laser by virtue of 500W continuous laser won the "Outstanding Product Award." Max 500W CW fiber lasers are Class 4 laser products, and product design and testing are fully considered the security. It features high power, ideal beam quality and high electro-optical conversion efficiency, and can be fiber transmission. This type of laser system has a variety of other solid-state lasers and gas lasers beyond comparison the high reliability. Widely used in metal sheet cutting, drilling, welding and other industries.