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Maxphotonics Obtained Another Utility Model Patent
- Mar 02, 2014 -

Scientific and technological innovation is the driving force of enterprises’ sustainable development. While valuing product quality, our company has continuously increased its input into scientific and technological innovation. With the energetic support from company leaders and due to the hard work, painstaking research and independent R & D of the scientific research personnel, Maxphotonics has successfully obtained one after another patents after investigating the market, analyzing the market and identifying market trends as well as by giving full play to business advantages and product advantages.  

Patented this time is pulse width tunable high-power fiber laser. Such fiber laser enjoys very good peak power within the whole range of working frequency from low frequency to high frequency. This has greatly improved the reliability and stability of pulsed fiber laser of low-frequency impulse as well as the stability of peak power of high-frequency impulse . 

To date, Maxphotonics has obtained a total of 9 national invention patents or utility model patents. Our company will continue to research and develop new products, new technologies and new processes, lead and encourage our employees to make inventions and innovations, strengthen our consciousness of intellectual property rights, as well as continuously improve our independent innovation ability and core competitiveness.