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Maxphotonics Quality Activities
- Apr 28, 2017 -

To further strengthen the product quality supervision, improvement of product quality, continuous delivery of stable and reliable products, from 1st of March, Maxphotonics held the “quality month” activities as theme of "improve the quality of consciousness, the pursuit of excellence". In the two months of activities, the Maxphotonics production, quality, engineering, procurement and other departments to mobilize, in-depth practice the concept of of "quality MAX", the upper and lower processes, parallel units to improve supervision, And facilities, closely related to the depth of product inspection.


Special inspection     finished product pass rate of 99%

This time to carry out IQC pass rate, IPQC audit operator error rate improvement and other key project assessment. According to the assessment indicators to complete the basic quality of the target of expected activities, the full inspection of the material on-line pass rate of 99%, missed, wrong test off the number of 0, IPQC audit operators to improve the error rate of 98%, finished product quality pass rate of 99 %.


Real-time monitoring      100% quality abnormal closure processing

For the process, operation, design, incoming and other possible adverse situations, real-time monitoring of product quality, quality abnormal closure management with the use of temporary decision-making and long-term decision-making, 100% treatment.



Quality suggestion   83 rationalization proposals submitted

Production department, quality department, engineering department offer rationalization proposals from the production, process, finished products, making suggestion from all-round, multi-angle for the promotion of quality improvement, at the same time, the "quality month" activities make the quality evaluation System, quality rewards and punishments system more perfect.

Maxphotonics through supervision and inspection system, a comprehensive quality management education and training, quality knowledge contest, QCC group training, the establishment of key project inspection system and a series of quality improvement activities, many links to find inadequate, re-implement, improve the quality awareness, Product quality management system, the output of high-quality product experience for the majority of laser equipment integrators continue to create efficient production, advanced production value.