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Maxphotonics Reaping The Industry Outstanding Contribution Award
- Mar 19, 2014 -

Recently, the 8th Asia international Laser Application Technology Forum(ALAT,2014) lasting 3 days has been held at Shenzhen convention& exhibition center. As an invited company, Maxphotonics attended the exhibition and demonstrated its core items in the exhibition booth decorating with abundant science and technology elements, including the medium& high power continuous fiber laser series, MOPA Pulse fiber laser, Q-Switched Pulse fiber and high-power core components, which give the exhibitors and professional audience on site more profound understanding on its capacity of vertical integration and cost control. Hu Xiaobo, the vice manager of Maxphotonics, made two respective speeches named " KW Fiber Laser and the core high power optical device "and " The application of Kilowatt fiber laser in 3D Printing ", and made an echo among the audiences.

It simultaneously observe the grand opening of the establishment congress and inauguration ceremony of the Laser industry in Guangdong Province. Maxphotonics will join the alliance with the association to make the right combination of both laser technology and economy, and to promote popularized laser science and technology, whose ultimate goal is to provide the production-study-research cooperation platform for the laser enterprises and scientific research groups, and directly, leading the benign development of the laser industry in Guangdong Province.

The 8th ALAT Guests welcome dinner was to be held at Guohui hotel, Shenzhen on the late of June 12. During the banquet, the committee promulgated Maxphotonics with the ALAT2014 China laser industry contribution Award. Maxphotonics' laurel depends on its identity- the first and only enterprise that possesses with more than ten years industry experience on the passive optoelectronic components and laser field and localizing the fiber laser and related parts and components. In the predicted future, Maxphotonics will be continuous to strengthen the research input and committed to promote the industrial development.