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Maxphotonics Show Sophisticated Industry In Germany
- Jun 28, 2016 -

Maxphotonics show Sophisticated Industry in Germany     under the vision of globalization, pushing the "wisdom made + laser"

June 21-24, in order to promote the international exchange and international operation capability of Shenzhen high-tech industry, Shenzhen Service Trade Association organized a group of representative high-tech enterprises related to robotics and automation industry, and participated in the seminar held in Munich, Germany. 2016 International Robotics and Automation Technology Trade Fair. Maxphotonics take forefront laser technology product smart fiber laser source, CW fiber laser to the exhibition.

As the most advanced intelligent manufacturing technology, laser robots are widely used in modern manufacturing industries, including metal processing, automobiles, elevators, aerospace, medical equipment and other fields, and fiber laser is an important component of robot laser processing system, combine with Robots to help improve the quality of industrial products, and also reduce production costs, enabling enterprises to obtain high economic efficiency.

Fiber laser show the superiority of laser different with traditional from the processing accuracy, process effects, maintenance costs, so it is the value of the robot laser processing system has become increasingly prominent. Maxphotonics continuous fiber laser industry for the era of intelligent manufacturing, and efficient adaptation of robot laser processing system.

At this show, Maxphotonics workers to the enterprise management, engineering and technical experts and other viewers introduced MaxSC series single-mode fiber laser, MaxPulse series acousto-optic Q-pulse fiber laser and other products. Based on industrial robotics, industrial automation systems industry development trend, Maxphotonics staff communicate with foreign counterparts, customers , they show great interest and expectation to the future of laser technology and products in the possibility of breakthroughs and hope that further business cooperation intention.

Maxphotonics deep develop over 12 years in the field of laser industry, already create laser core components, fiber laser integration and R&D to the core competitiveness of enterprises. With the growing demand for laser equipment at home and abroad, Maxphotoncis laser products will extend the field of vision to the global laser technology, self-research products, including acousto-optic Q-pulse fiber laser, pulse width adjustable pulse fiber laser, single mode continuous fiber laser, Multi-mode continuous fiber lasers have been exported overseas

The International Robotics and Automation Technology Trade Fair in Munich is one of the largest robot industry and automation technology exhibitions in the world. It has designed special exhibitions on robots, robot system accessories and industrial automation systems, attracting more than 40 countries and regions  total about 860 exhibitors..