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Maxphotonics Won The 2014 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards
- Jun 19, 2014 -

Maxphotonics Won The 2014 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards

The 2014 Ringier technology innovation awarding ceremony in the laser industry recently picked off in Shanghai and Maxphotonics won the medal as "2014 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards" by the product series of MFP Q-Switched Pulsed fiber laser.

It was reported that the award has attracted 58 prominent companies worldwide with 72 innovative products to compete and with over 4-months assessment and appraisal by the senior experts of independent panel from the professional associations, the academic institutions and related enterprises, 30 innovative products from 27 enterprises finally won the titles and it is probative force for Maxphotonics to present the brand image, product quality, research and development strength.

MFP Q-Switch series pulse fiber laser features short warming time, narrow optical pulse, high peak power and wide repetition frequency range, all can achieve the best economic benefits for customers and greatly meeting users’ requirement. It adopts the special design scheme to guarantee that there is no leakage of light even when the laser is shut down. Besides, the shadow and virtual open circuit will not occur even to the special materials. It’s high-reliability design resist the high reflectance and can be used in the processing of high-reflectance materials, such as aluminum, copper, gold, and silver, etc.