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Maxphotonics Won The 2016 Annual Guangdong Patent Gold Medal
- Jun 08, 2016 -

Maxphotonics won the 2016 annual "Guangdong patent gold medal"


Following the award in April, "the year of Shenzhen Baoan intellectual property advantages of enterprises in 2015," by the Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office of the heavy screening and review, Maxphotonics laser gains "Guangdong patent gold medal", the symbolized MAX laser has A major breakthrough in the field of laser core technology recognized and affirmed.

The "Guangdong Provincial Patent Award" was established by the Provincial People's Government to honor a batch of patent project implementing units and patent inventors or designers who have made outstanding contributions in the field of intellectual property and produced significant economic benefits. In the past five years, the provincial government invested a total of Nearly 200 million yuan Chinese patent award and Guangdong Patent Award winning units and individuals.

In the 2016 annual "Guangdong Patent Award" in the selection, the province thousands of patents submitted to declare, Maxphotonics always uphold the "innovation-driven, integrated winning" strategy, with deep accumulation in the field of laser technology and independent research and development system of solid strength come to the fore , to obtain this year's "Guangdong patent gold medal" together with Huawei, BYD and other 15 companies, is the only enterprise  in this area of laser technology. Recently, the provincial special funds have been awarded 100,000 RMB to Maxphotonics. It is reported that this year's "Guangdong Patent Award" award ceremony will be held at the end of 2016.

With the emphasis on technology patents and product development investment, MAX laser patent applications in recent years to maintain a steady growth trend, the current domestic and international patent applications has reached 198, 115 authorized patents, 16 computer software copyrights, the majority Mass production of laser optics and fiber lasers is a national initiative or a leading position, part of the laser device technology in the world with leading edge.