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Member Of The NPC Standing Committee And Vice Chairman Of The China Association For Science And Technology, Feng ChangGen Visited The Maxphotonics Laser Research Forum
- Jul 08, 2015 -

July 4, 2015, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the Vice Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology Feng ChangGen Survey Maxphotonics, Max laser chairman Jiang Feng, deputy general Hu Xiaobo and related personnel participated in the reception.

During the research, Chairman Jiang Feng detailed introduce the basic situation of enterprises, fiber laser development and production of laser products and a wide range of industry applications and future development trend; Mr. Hu reported the status of Maxphotonics, advantages and future laser industry and products, and then Vice President Feng visited the core devices, high-power fiber lasers, intelligent lasers and other products in the R & D and production, and saw a high-precision cutting demonstration in the application of the experiment Room of high-speed fiber laser.

When Vice Chairman Fung heard that the company was growing at an annual growth rate of 300%, the market share of pulsed fiber lasers was far ahead of international and domestic competitors. Its low-cost, high-performance fiber lasers have been widely used in traditional manufacturing industries. National equipment manufacturing industry to make a certain contribution to the upgrade, expressed high appreciation and fully affirmed.

Vice Chairman Feng believes that the key to sustaining rapid economic growth lies in the realization of innovation-driven development and the shift of the mode of economic growth from extensive growth to economic efficiency. The new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change are taking place, the world's industrial division of labor and the competitive landscape is also in-depth adjustment for the transformation of China's enterprises provides a rare opportunity to promote transformation, full release of innovation, and continuously improve innovation, This is the fundamental development of enterprises.

As a typical representative of innovation-driven enterprises, Maxphotonics Laser should be strongly supported by national policies in terms of scientific and technological innovation, talent introduction and project support, and said that it will promote the establishment of "Academician's Workstation" as soon as possible, and provide more favorable development space for high-tech laser companies.