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Munich Expo Laser World Of PHOTONICS China
- Mar 16, 2017 -

March 16, 2017, the twelfth Munich Expo Laser world of PHOTONICS came to an end sucessfully . There are more than 900 peer companies attend this exhibition , tens of thousands of professional buyers come to view the exhibition. OFweek, Ringier industrial media and many other media interview and display Maxphotonics.

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As Asia's largest laser, optical, optoelectronic industry event, this exhibition to smart manufacturing-based tone, brought together the world's top laser optoelectronic enterprises, Maxphotonics integrated the laser application space, laser and cutting-edge technology , customer service, etc, show the excellent advantage.

1. Promoting the development of laser applications with laser solutions.

Maxphotoncis always focused on the application in deepening, based on marking, welding, cutting, cladding, and then to the metal 3D printing, laser cleaning, precision machining, Maxphotonics developed unique laser solutions in various fields, and quickly and smoothly launched laser solder ball automatic spray welding system, hand-held laser cleaning solutions, laser anti-counterfeiting trace system solutions. At the same time, Maxphotonics close to the current popular laser application topic, showing the sample cases from the laser marking, laser cutting, fine welding, laser cleaning.

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2. live demonstration for stable and reliable product quality.
Laser technology combined with industrial machinery such as industrial robots to achieve a more free, more intelligent processing methods is one of the cutting-edge technology, will bring the traditional manufacturing industry reborn and important change. The involvement of laser technology will greatly help industrial robots to achieve intelligent. Maxphotonics high-power fiber laser and industrial robots effectively combination to promote the traditional manufacturing industry to high-end intelligent manufacturing road, which is the inevitable transformation of traditional Chinese manufacturing industry direction. The exhibition of high-power 4000w multi-mode continuous fiber laser with industrial robot arms live demonstrating the welding of air-conditioning aluminum, auto parts, gear assembly,simply show the laser fusion of high-precision industrial robot Flexible laser processing operations.

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In addition, Maxphotonics also displayed the products for pulse laser, semiconductor laser , continuous wave laser, the new model 20H pulse fiber laser is also marked that Maxphotonics still further provide better service and quality for the small power market, Manufacturing process maturity has a leap in the results.

3. Maxphotnics sicerely service every customer.

Visual design booth cover area of 200 square meters, which created a close discussing atmosphere for all the customers there are no empty seats.
Over the past year, Maxphotonics not only standardized products and services, but alsolaunched personalized service with the laser program, we always follow the customer service, the achievements of the customer's philosophy.

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