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NANO KOREA 2018 10th – 13th July 2018 Kintex Korea
- Jul 19, 2018 -

About NANO KOREA 2018

NANO KOREA 2018 is the largest symposium held in Korea on nanoscale science and technology. This year the theme is “The key driver for the 4th Industrial Revolution” with the primary focus on significant research results and future research directions in Korea and internationally. The 2018 symposium will be 16th occasion it has been held. It is co-hosted by the Ministry of TIE the Ministry of Science & ICT.

The symposium is based on nanomaterials as the sector that will lead sustainable growth and is organised into eight sessions, each addressing a significant subcategory with invited speakers renowned for their contributions in the field. Additionally, the symposium will address the commercialisation of nanotechnology and includes an extensive exhibition. Bringing together individuals from academia, research and industry, the symposium offers excellent networking opportunities.

NANO KOREA 2018 Program

There will be four keynote and plenary speakers who will address wide-ranging topics including the future of silicon technologies; three-dimensional integration; robotics; and artificial intelligence.

Technical sessions of the conference include:

  • Photonics and nanoelectronics

  • Nanomaterials

  • Fabrication and measurement

  • Nanotechnology and renewable energy

  • Standards and safety

  • Actuators and sensors

  • Smart design of nanomaterials

Other highlights include a symposium banquet on the evening of 12thJuly, best poster awards on the 13th July, a symposium award for research innovation, and an exhibition award for industrial technology.

NANO KOREA 2018 Exhibition

NANO KOREA 2018 Exhibition is the only exhibition that focusses on nanotechnology research, development and commercialisation held in Korea and is one of the leading nanotechnology events in the world.

The exhibition includes 600 booths and 400 exhibitors; we anticipate that there will be over 10,000 visitors, offering a perfect opportunity to catch up on the very latest developments in all aspects of nanotechnology and to discover where it is heading in the future.