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Natural weapon: the US military laser weapon lightning breakthrough
- Sep 24, 2013 -

Natural weapon: the US military laser weapon lightning breakthrough

Last year, European scientists made a major breakthrough in terms of the manufacture of artificial lightning, scientists in New Mexico (NEWMEXICO) peak of Mount Baldy (Baldy Peak) induced by the laser energy device successfully induced through the region's high altitude cloud lightning in the first successful realization of the human under natural conditions to produce artificial lightning.

It is reported that European scientists are using a laser pulse latest device, to create a conductive plasma channel can be in the high-altitude clouds, clouds borrow friction, thereby producing artificial lightning. This is the first use of a laser to create artificial lightning in human history, it will have a milestone, the next step will be the development of new technologies is to produce artificial lightning mature technology, it is possible to bring new technological innovation and alternative energy .

Scientists introduced, said laser pulse technology is a potentially very promising energy-inducing techniques. Because pulsed laser device that can produce a large number of conductive plasma at high altitude, the plasma can form a current path in the clouds, act as a "lead" role, in order to create a stunning artificial lightning. In this trial, the researchers after the launch of the high-energy laser, the first confirmation of the number of target clouds of plasma activity, scientists will launch a laser hit altitude clouds, so that high-altitude clouds of plasma activity artificially increased strength and friction in the clouds, bringing together a large number of electrons through the plasma channel produced by this new wires, and finally succeeded in the sky to achieve the effects of lightning.

This research project was funded by the National Center for Scientific Research in France and Germany jointly launched the Fund for Scientific Research. Scientists from Germany and France, the first jointly developed a laser emitting device movable, high-energy laser pulses emitted by the device can generate sufficiently long plasma channel in the clouds. Then scientists will eventually selected test sites in New Mexico Mount Baldy Peak Langmuir Laboratory, because here the high altitude makes the device capable of emitting laser pulses from the clouds closer, so that the experimental probability of success greatly increased.

But scientists point out that the technology still has some limitations. The main reason is the emitted laser light is not able to maintain a stable state for a long time, especially the force can not happen for a long time in the plasma channel, which means artificial lightning is only temporary or transient; and artificial lightning discharge process the length of the transmission power can be generated within a range of tens of meters, the scientists can not reach expectations (scientists expect to produce abundant electricity can achieve the purpose of this technique). The researchers are now improving the strength of this pulse laser apparatus, hope that through a stable laser source to obtain a continuous discharge process, so that this technology will have practical significance.

Meanwhile, the Paris Optics Research Laboratory recently, a new study found that in addition to laser induced lightning, there is a more important use of the guide and change the direction of the lightning, to avoid the risk of being struck by lightning, lightning strike to induce the intended target .

Paris Optics Research Laboratory of the study to help people make better use of the laser to avoid the risk of lightning strike, but on the other hand, this may also be the outcome of the use of the military to become a potent natural lightning weapon, become military instruments of war.

Recently, the US Army developed "artificial lightning" New technology has made new breakthroughs. The system "laser-induced plasma channel" under the project, recently passed several tests to achieve important results. The principle is generally: by emitting ultrashort pulse laser beam to induce a strong electromagnetic field generated thereby excite air molecules in the electronic form to guide current through the plasma channel super, act as a "lead" role and instantaneous release of high pressure power, form a super-energy "artificial lightning."

First laser shot after the lightning discharge

It is reported that, "Laser Lightning" weapons project in New Jersey horse Keting Ni arsenal of weapons R & D Engineering Center, Fisher, project leader, said: "In the tests, we have been closely observe the situation lightning destroy targets in order to obtain relevant data , to prepare for the future into combat. "he said the technical nature of such weapons is emitted by the laser to the target precision-guided" artificial lightning "," Over the years, we have been trying to come up with 'controllable lightning weapon,' initially ' artificial lightning 'there is a major flaw - only produced artificial lightning flying in the air, we can not accurately hit the target later tests found: emitting a medium energy ultrashort pulse laser, the moment will be able to open up a resistance ultra-small, designed for lightning "walk" the channel. "

Fisher explained: "After launching the ultrashort pulse laser, it opened up 'Lightning corridor' existence for a short time, but enough to travel the speed of light after the passage of lightning grasp of this principle, we started. manufacture and test truly real value lightning laser weapon the weapon into the operating principle is as follows: Xianxiang target emitting a short pulse laser, the laser beam which serves two functions: precise targeted; artificial lightning to open up the route. ; and then re-emit this artificial lightning weapon, it will directly hit the target along the previous path of the laser beam to open up the future of this weapon can be flexibly mounted on a vehicle or aircraft, and by a large number of metal material, electrical conductivity is strong. enemy weapons, such as tanks, etc. will become the main objective of the weapon. "

According to project leader Shadi Si said: "Lightning test laser weapon has been manufactured, and has attacked the test, the result is over and we are now a number of weapons research venture capital firms to negotiate, hoping its mass production as soon as possible. "analysts pointed out that although the laser lightning weapon of mass production in a short time is unlikely, but once such weapons being used in the battle, the war will mean a dramatic revolution mode.

Not only to kill, but also to grab the rain

Although "Laser Lightning" seems too sci-fi weapon, but "In light killings" precedents. In Roman times, the Roman fleet to attack the city-state of Syracuse, scientist Archimedes organize many women, hand lenses, gathered by sunlight, it will burn Roman ships. It may be light as a weapon prototype. With the laser in the military continue to use, it is gradually to the "assault weapons" developed from the "target designation" and supporting role.

The United States has successfully conducted a series of laser targeting test to prove that laser weapons is achievable. The conventional artillery different laser cannon energy can be focused on very fine laser beam accurately hit the target vulnerable sites. In accordance with the operational use of laser weapons strategic and tactical laser weapon laser weapon points. Strategic laser weapons can be used for anti-satellite and anti-missile strategy. Tactical laser weapons, including "hard kill" and "soft kill" two. The former is the use of intense laser beams destroy targets; the latter is mainly used for burns or eye damage weapons, electronic equipment and optoelectronic sensors.

In accordance with the carrying platform division, laser weapons land-, sea-, air- and space-based weapons. Ground-based laser weapons capabilities and different, shipboard and airborne laser gun ships or aircraft subject to volume limitations, the current super-strength storage is limited, low RF laser cannon send times, but believe that the US Navy in the next 10 years for water Warship even submarines equipped with laser weapons for the fight against anti-ship missiles, a small group of warships, combat aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles and other targets.

More shocking is full of "technical control" mentality of the US military actually look forward to the "Made in laser disaster" to plot against potential rivals. According to the US "Popular Mechanics" magazine reported that the US and Swiss scientists are working together to develop a variety of laser rainmaker device, which allows potential rivals protracted drought occurs, resulting in huge losses and social unrest to the country. Reported that the US and Switzerland near Geneva, physicists had tested the Rhone, they use huge movable laser device emits an infrared laser over the front of the Rhone up to the 133 hours long, and then they found that although the test day humidity as low as 70%, but over the river water droplets generated significantly faster. Professor Jerome Casparian from University of Geneva, said: "Our laser beam of particles in the air to produce nitric acid, so that the formation of water vapor condensation raindrop." However, this preliminary test did not form a large-scale rainfall, the researchers can the technical outlook remains optimistic, "One day, this technology will be mature."

Some experts warn that laser devices may become Rainmaker American hands "disaster weapon" - "by the massive use of the device, 'exhaustion' had to hostile countries vapor drift, may make those much-needed rainfall countries protracted drought, resulting in food crisis and humanitarian catastrophe, which forced those countries into submission. "