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Nobel Laureate: 10 years later, the laser will replace LED lighting
- Jun 27, 2016 -

Nobel Laureate: 10 years later, the laser will replace LED lighting

With excess capacity, increased competition, the country has entered a number of LED enterprises development bottleneck. June 25, LED lighting as a benchmark figure, 2014 Nobel Prize winner Shuji Nakamura attended the 2016 Global Innovation Venture Fair in Chengdu, China, in an interview, his words may China LED lighting business prospects.

Shuji Nakamura boldly predicted that over the next decade, laser lighting will replace LED lighting. Shuji Nakamura is not only a 2014 Nobel Prize winner in physics, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has also been hailed as the "Edison of the 21st century." Shuji Nakamura is currently being studied by the laser light, Shuji Nakamura, Japan 25 interview with the media said that after 2016 China Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair World Forum on the future of science and technology, the next 10 years, laser lighting will replace LED lighting. It is understood that the efficiency of the laser light is thousands of times the LED, not only to increase the projection distance, improve security, while smaller and more compact. In addition to lighting, laser show in many areas projectors, digital cinema, television, stage lights, large-screen display, cars, etc., you will have a broader application. Shuji Nakamura believes that "a laser light, the illumination area 100 square meters is no problem." But now the price is too high because the laser, the application rate is not high, but the future is a big trend. When talking about China LED enterprises in recent years and even closures forced transition issues, Shuji Nakamura believes that many Chinese LED enterprises homogenization serious lack of competitive edge, "as China's iron and steel enterprises, overcapacity on It will lead to lower prices, free competition in the market, the natural formation of elimination mechanism."