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Process Of The Historical Development Of Fiber Laser Technology
- Jun 20, 2013 -

1, a single fiber to the kW output power from a hundred watt level development
Since 1988 after Snitzer, who proposed the double-clad fiber based on cladding pump technology in optical fiber laser and amplifier is quickly developing. Especially in recent years, with high power Semiconductor Laser pumping technology and development of double cladding fiber fabrication, fiber laser output power has evolved from the initial level of hundreds of MW up to thousands of Watts. 1999 v. Dominic, with four 45W laser diode pumped from both ends, gained 110 w single mode laser output.
In their experiments, the rectangular inner cladding of Yb-doped fibers, fiber coil of 50 m in a ring, with a small fan air cooling. Nonlinear effect is not observed in the experiments and from the thermal effect of fiber, and is expected to increase pumping power, output will be further improved. the result was a cause for great concern. Hundred watt level currently commercially available single mode fiber lasers (IPG), hundred-watt fiber laser based on multiple fiber laser output through single mode optical fiber transmission at a distance and then synthesis in multicore fiber laser beam Coupler, it can achieve much higher power output. This beam combination methods can achieve thousands of Watts of power output.
2, from a continuous fiber lasers to develop high power pulsed fiber laser
For continuous fiber lasers, fiber itself is the material, usually adopts a simple structure of f-p cavity structure, so no need to put other optical components in the cavity can get the high power laser output. But if the application started, work the target laser can provide lower power density, pulse fiber laser may be more useful.
3, from conventional coherent beam combining technology of fiber laser beam technique to development
Restrictions due to nonlinear effects and thermal effects, single fiber laser output power is limited. multiple combinations of high power fiber laser output beam, you can get a high power laser output. From the mix and looking at the beam's original concept, combining bundles can be divided into routine and coherent set of two. Conventional beam combination of fiber laser is fiber laser output through a combination of optical components for a scheduled, due to any phase relationship between fiber laser, is coherent, this can improve the total laser power combining technology, but relative to a single laser beam quality, combining technologies can improve the total laser power.
But, relative to a single laser beam quality, but a lot worse. By more than one hundred watt fiber laser combination has got 2 kW,4 kW, 6 kW and 10 kW fiber laser. early work suggests that for 1kw fiber laser, the beam quality factor M2<7~10, in recent years, using the mode control technology, several fiber laser combined beam quality has been significantly improved.