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Prospects For Development Of Fiber Lasers
- Jun 18, 2013 -

With the development of science and social progress, efficient, environmentally friendly, green machining of precision from concept to reality. As a booming high-tech, laser processing technology in recent years has been in the green manufacturing unique advantages, such as the use of high power co laser metal cutting, welding, using high power ND: YAG laser drilled, carved, marking, and so on, are in the areas of application greatly improves production efficiency and product quality, reduces the intensity of work, to reduce environmental pollution. Typically, we are familiar with the original using the traditional hand-engraving of the seal of the Corporation and the private, the processing, without exception, have been replaced by laser engraving machine, its processing time from days to the current less than half an hour.
International Shang some famous of aircraft and car production enterprise, as Boeing, and Airbus, and mass, and Mercedes-Benz, company are has in production in the introduced has laser processing line, as typical example, Airbus company of Airbus A380, is due to its effective to used has laser processing technology, improve has processing of precision, so to in further improve aircraft mechanical strength of while, significantly to reduced aircraft itself of weight, to for significantly improve passenger volume lay has based. Because the body volume to grow significantly, will no doubt make for improved frame strength and weight requirements, it is difficult to imagine, if there are no wide use of laser processing technology, the Airbus A380 will be realized from the original 300 passengers is increased from the current 580 people?
Compared to the conventional process using high power lasers, fiber lasers by leaps and bounds in the international arena in recent years has a unique advantage. Due to single-mode fiber beam limiting function, makes the beam quality of the laser does not decrease due to laser power and fiber specific surface area and makes serious impact on conventional solid lasers beam quality of thermal distortion in the fiber laser is no longer a problem. Is very clear, and beam quality improvement of optical system of laser can be focused within the very small spots close to the Yu Yan the diffraction limit, which makes high quality precision machining possible. Simplified due to thermal control problems, high power fiber lasers in the structure can be greatly simplified, overall costs reduced substantially for fiber lasers into practical production process has created very favorable conditions. High price-performance ratio makes the fiber laser in the vast majority of areas are replacing the traditional lamp pumping and diode-pumped solid-state lasers. Fiber lasers a wide range of applications in the future, will have a great role in promoting our lives.