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Prospects: The 2020 global laser processing market hot scenes (1)
- Dec 19, 2014 -

Prospects: The 2020 global laser processing market hot scenes (1)

Industrial development to promote the progress of mankind, fiber laser processing application on behalf of a country's level of industrial technology, a recent market research report: As of 2020, the global laser processing market will reach US $ 173.6 billions. Estimated annual compound growth rate will reach 6.8%. Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, or will become the fastest growing region. Europe is expected compound annual growth rate of 5.92 percent, the Asia-Pacific region will reach 6.1%. Laser laser processing is the most promising areas of foreign countries have developed more than 20 kinds of laser processing technology. As one of the pillars of the main symbol of the 20th century science and technology development and the modern information society photonics technology, the development of laser technology and laser industry are highly valued the world's advanced countries.

Benefit from the current pharmaceutical, manufacturing and development of automobile industry, market demand and application of laser processing equipment tools growing year by year. In addition, the laser processing microelectronics industry is another factor highly promoted.

Laser processing category

Laser technology is related to the optical, mechanical, electrical, materials and testing and many other subjects of a comprehensive technology, the traditional point of view, it can be divided into general scope of the study:

1. The laser processing system. It includes a laser light guide systems, machine tools, control systems and detection systems.

2. The laser processing. Including cutting, welding, surface treatment, drilling, marking, scribing, trimming and other processes.

3. Laser welding: auto body thickness boards, auto parts, lithium battery, pacemakers, and other sealing devices sealed relay and a variety of welding is not allowed contamination and deformation devices. Lasers are YAG lasers, CO2 lasers and diode-pumped lasers.

4. Laser cutting: the automotive industry, computers, electrical cabinet, wooden knife mold industry, cutting metal parts and special materials, circular saw blade, acrylic, spring washers, 2mm below the electronic parts with copper, Some metal plates, steel pipes, iron tin, lead-plated steel sheets Asia, phosphor bronze, wood, thin aluminum, quartz glass, silicone rubber, 1mm or less alumina ceramic, titanium alloys used in the aerospace industry and so on. Using lasers YAG and CO2 lasers.

5. The laser marking: various materials and in almost all industries are widely used, lasers are YAG lasers, CO2 lasers and diode-pumped lasers.

6. The laser drilling: laser drilling is mainly used in the aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic instruments, and chemical industries. The rapid development of laser drilling, the main body Punch YAG laser average output power has been increased to 800w 400w to 1000w. More mature domestic laser drilling applications in synthetic diamond and natural diamond drawing dies and production instrumentation clocks and jewel bearings, aircraft blades, multilayer printed wiring board and other sectors of production.