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Research Progress Of 3 μ m Fiber Laser
- Jun 02, 2013 -

3 μ m wavelength of laser in the laser medical care plays an important role, and in view of the outstanding advantages of fiber lasers, make 3 μ m-band fiber laser with a very high degree of application value.
Due to 3 μg m-band laser is strongly absorbed by water molecules, while Ca, p, also has a high absorption rate, so the band laser can be used to cut the water biological soft tissues and bones, used in laser surgery has blood coagulation rapidly the advantages of small wounds and surgery. In order to get 3 μ m-band laser, using HF laser, solid-state lasers, fiber lasers and other means. Compared with the first two, the fiber laser beam quality, small size, high efficiency, good cooling effect and development of high power output and has good prospects for catching people's attention. In order to get 3 μ m-band fiber laser, need to overcome the optical Phonon energy high and corresponding wavelength optical transmission loss problems.
Currently, the most commonly used fluoride (ZBLAN) and sulfide fibers. Typical composition of fluoride fibers for the ZrF 4, BaF 2, LaF 3, AlF 3, NaF, the amount of substance fraction were 53%, 20%, 4%,4% and 20%, material of phonon energy 550 cm-1, wavelength 0. 8 ~4. 5 μ m can be achieved within the context of low-loss transmission. And then Ho-doped fluoride fiber by 3 +, Er 3 +, or both and Pr 3 +-doped output 2. 7 ~3 μ m laser.