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Scientific discoveries laser send out new smoke ring
- Sep 12, 2016 -

Scientific discoveries laser send out new "smoke ring"

Physicists have discovered a unique property of laser body: the laser can create its own energy vortex flow, this phenomenon looks like there are a lot of "smoke ring."

This endless circle of light, space and time as the current official definition of optical flow vortex (spatiotemporal optical vortices), or simply STOVs, move forward together along with laser and controls the flow of energy around it.
The latest study reported that these "smoke ring" will not only help scientists several years to study laser blocked explain some phenomena, but they also opened a new laser path, the laser microscope can be used to connect to high-speed network from each field. "Laser has been studied for decades, and had been the result turned out to be STOVs we blink of an eye." The story's senior author, Howard Milchberg University of Maryland claimed.

"This is a powerful, natural features have been present in there. Behind this phenomenon is that in the past 30 years, in which our field have so many things you can do."

Under the right conditions, the laser beam can be "self-focusing" and become more intense in the process of moving, rather than ordinary light beam, they can only nominal size they want to achieve with the extension. This type of self-focusing of the beam is the researchers have been trying to explore.

The laser light can be carried "STOVs" controlled, they flow through the inside of the circle, the circle of return flows outside the ring.

For scientists, so that they become so valuable that they can rely on before the light itself freely row.

"We found that smoke ring vortex is likely to apply than previously known optical vortices more widely because they are time dynamic, which means that they are not moving as the light remains fixed in the state." This team members Nihal Jhajj explained.

"This means that these smoke rings for manipulating particles moving near the speed of light to be very valuable."

Another type of vortex (vortex orbital angular momentum) from 1990 onwards are used to improve microscopy and communications industry, it has also been used in the computer field.

These phenomena can be seen below:

And "OAM" vortex is different, "STOVs" Now let scientists have a different structure to study.

The team take this laser "smoke ring" and an electrical angel aura to do more, repeatedly to transmit the energy between the ring and the angel's head.

"STOV just like an angel halo as a spectator to the laser beam is," Milchberg explained, and how "STOVs" control central beam shape and energy flow recorded.
"She is more like an electric angel halo, halo and angel can be in the head repeatedly transmit the energy. We are looking forward to seeing the future of this discovery will bring us."

Now, Milchberg and Jhajj for potential applications "STOVs" can only use broad terms to talk. In order to understand more how they operate will be further expanded. But considering that they can control the central beam shape and energy flow from advanced microscopy techniques to the field of optical computers they will have wide potential applications.