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Shenzhen Bao'an District Mayor , Yao Ren Visiting To Maxphotonics
- Jun 14, 2016 -

Shenzhen Bao'an District Mayor , Yao Ren visiting to Maxphotonics


In the morning of June 12, in order to speed up the industrial transformation and upgrading of Baoan District, to strengthen the guidance of key industrial enterprises, Baoan District Mayor, Yao Ren with other leaders visited Maxphotonic for researching, Accompanied by MAX marketing director Mr. WU visited company exhibition hall ,  the application center and workshop, the two sides in the scene were cordial and in-depth communication.

In the laser exhibition hall, Wu Hua-peng introduced to Yao and his group the development and scientific research of maxphotonics , in the hearing that Max has been a pioneer in the development of core passive optical devices such as pump source, collimator, combiner, high power fiber grating and fiber isolator. Yao has shown great interest and expressed a constructive view about the ideas of Maxphotonics.

Then, at the application center, Mr. Yao led a delegation to visit our company, such as Maxphotonics Acousto-Optic Q-switched Fiber Laser, MOPA Fiber Laser, MaxSC Series Single-mode Continuous Fiber Laser, MaxMC Series Multimode Continuous Fiber Laser, Smart Fiber Laser etc. In the laser application engineer's demonstration, research guests to observe the working principle of fiber lasers and industrial applications, including marking, cutting, welding and other special purposes.

Yao and his entourage visited maxphotonics the 9000 square meters class 1000 clean room, so that many bright spots leading guests. Mr. Yao made great contributions to the production philosophy of excellence laser, scientific and standardized operation and management, meticulous service, and praised the Maxphotonics as a typical example of high-tech enterprises.