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Shenzhen Sheet Metal Association And The Association Of Robots Experts Visit Maxphotonics
- Dec 16, 2014 -

Shenzhen sheet metal Association and the Association of robots experts visit Maxphotonics

In order to improve the sheet metal and robotics industry know more about Maxphotonics laser, and better development of relations of cooperation.December 15, 2014 Shenzhen Sheet Metal Association and the Shenzhen Robot Association expert group of 11 people to Shenzhen Maxphotonics Laser Co., Ltd. to visit and study. Maxphotonics laser is a professional leading manufacturer in researching, producing and sales of fiber laser and optical passive device, and is also the only high-tech enterprises to achieve the laser source, optical passive components of two core technologies domestication.

The guests first listen the present stage development of Maxphtonics Laser in the conference room, the application prospect of the fiber laser technology in the sheet metal industry and the future cooperation prospect with the robot industry. Then, visited the Maxphotonics Laser High Power Optical Passive device workshop, optical and circuit workshop, to watch the fiber laser production in all aspects. Guests showed great interest in the high-power laser application workshop, they continue to ask the technician about fiber laser in the sheet metal industry and the application of the robot with the perfect technical problems. Company executives also introduced to the guests fiber laser production, process and the characteristics of high-power fiber lasers and advantages. Until evening, finished the visit of the factor, Maxphotonics laser leader with a total of experts to feast, to make landlord of friendship.

Experts said: "After this site visit really feel the strength of Maxphotonics and fiber laser technology development prospects." They feel that Maxphotonics laser has a first-class production technology and excellent product quality, more firm their confidence.