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The Advantages Of Fiber Lasers
- Jul 10, 2013 -

1, due to optical fiber core diameter is small, easy to form higher power density in the core, fiber lasers with high efficiency, low threshold, the higher the gain, narrow width, and to facilitate the efficient implementation of connection to the current communication system.
2, as the fiber has a very good soft round, fibre laser is compact, flexible, compact, cost-effective, and easier system integration features.
3, compared with the traditional solid state lasers, gas lasers, high energy conversion efficiency of fiber lasers, structures are compact, high reliability, and suitable for mass production.
4, compared with the Semiconductor Laser, monochrome, good fiber laser modulation may occur when smaller chirp and distortion, and optical fiber coupling loss is smaller.
Fiber Laser application range very widely, including laser fiber communications, and laser space far from communications, and industrial shipbuilding, and car manufacturing, and laser carved laser playing standard laser cutting, and printing business roll, and metal non-metallic drilling/cutting/welding (copper welding, and quenching water, and package layer and depth welding), and military defense security, and medical devices instrument equipment, and large based construction, as other laser of pump source and so on.