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The new direction of the fiber laser research
- May 15, 2016 -

The new direction of the fiber laser research

Development of new fiber lasers: ultrashort pulse mode-locked fiber lasers in the time domain, having a smaller duty cycle from time to time laser range research hotspots, high-power femtosecond pulse fiber laser from time to time is that people long pursuit of the objective . In the frequency domain, wideband input and tuned fiber laser will become a hot research.

Improve the function of the fiber laser itself: how to improve the input power and efficiency, optimize the beam quality, extend the length of gain fiber to improve the system and make it even more vacillation compact fiber laser range future focus of the study.

International seminar in this range also expanded compared to earlier, or whether in fact the experiment, have made a lot of research results. But, compared to other countries, there are still large gaps. Especially for high-function fiber laser research is relatively small, the task of also made applicable not enough, the effect is not very satisfactory.

Therefore, it is necessary to further enhance the active mode-locked fiber laser research laser clearest advantage with high pumping efficiency. Under normal circumstances the pump conversion efficiency of 70% -75%, much higher than the industrial diode-pumped solid-state lasers (DPSSL). Such a high conversion efficiency of the laser system cooling and power requirements, the structure can be more compact than traditional solid-state lasers, combined with all-fiber structure provides a very robust and highly reliable package design.

Moreover, the fiber laser beam can clearly enhance the quality of inputs. An important advantage: Fiber laser technology can greatly extend the life of the device (compared with the current DPSSL), which in recent years has led to concern advantages of fiber laser industrial laser company invested to increase from time to time, due to the level of speaking from the use of temporary reliable task is very important.

Fiber lasers also have other advantages: Because the fiber laser waveguide laser medium itself is medium, high efficiency combined disaster; fiber laser can easily with existing optical fiber transmission system and efficient cohesion; core to do a very fine, to complete high power density; good heat dissipation function of the fiber, so fiber laser having a high conversion efficiency and low thresholds; the input wavelength fiber lasers covers a very wide range, from 400 a 3400nm, to meet the needs of all aspects of the use, and therefore the optical fiber laser marking machine market is still huge potential space. Chong-hsin laser focus on fiber lasers for decades, driving the domestic fiber laser forward.

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