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The Tenth Asian International Laser Manufacturing Exhibition Ended
- May 24, 2016 -

The tenth Asian International Laser Manufacturing Exhibition ended

Maxphotonics smart fiber laser is the most popular

May 19 -21, Maxphotonics laser company bring its smart fiber laser, acousto-optic Q-pulse fiber laser series, pulse width adjustable MOPA fiber laser series, single-mode and multi-mode continuous fiber laser series products to the Tenth (Shenzhen) International Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition, which Maxphotonics fiber laser, 1500W single-mode continuous fiber laser is unique in the show, attracting a number of technical experts, visitors.

As Maxphotonics new products in 2016, the world's smallest smart fiber laser attracts many viewers, WIFI available, network interface, on-site iPad operation, marking speed, good effect, become the highest popularity products .

In the same period of the 2016 Asia-Europe International Industrial Laser Summit, MAX Laser Marketing Director Wu Huapeng from the macro-level industry to explain the status of China's fiber laser market, the future development of key nodes. Application Manager Li Lanwei is in the Asian 3D printing industry development and application forum speech, introduced 200W CW laser fiber laser from the application level in the widely used field of 3D printing.

Share unique insights, stimulate industrial vitality, the theme of Maxphotonics of "technology is value " has been deeply rooted.