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The United States establish a new fulcrum of absolute advantage The world's first laser anti-satellite
- Jul 16, 2013 -

The United States establish a new fulcrum of absolute advantage     

The world's first laser anti-satellite

From the end of last year to now, the US Air Force's X-37B space plane has been flying in space more than six months, and for the flight, military specific tasks confidential. However, taking into account the perspective of the US space vehicle development perspective, X-37B should not miss this important anti-satellite capability. We can say that the US military's anti-satellite weapons and military technology to maintain its top-level project, the concept of strategic and tactical value of new equipment.

U.S - Soviet constantly seeking "exclusive Temple" privilege to promote the birth of anti-satellite weapons

Since World War II the United States for the first time to show the world of nuclear weapons after the absolute technological superiority frightening energy, the history of human warfare to open a new page. Keep up with competitors technical "symmetry", became one of the base point and the National Military Strategy. In particular, when the Soviet Union with a delivery-based intercontinental ballistic nuclear power capability, the US-Soviet nuclear balance between the use of nuclear weapons are such that any party is equivalent to a disguised form of suicide. For this reason, the enemy's ability to monitor and predict the use of nuclear power has become an effective way to regain the initiative in this regard, the Soviet Union the first to step forward.

October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite in human history, "No. 1 partner." American popular stimulus in less than two years, succeeded by transmitting on the B-47 bomber air-launched missile attack simulation experiments prove the feasibility of a rocket carrying ballistic weapons to attack satellites. This led directly to the birth of anti-satellite weapons.

However, the late 1950s, which is the initial stage of the development of anti-satellite weapons, but the United States adhering to a "final" Strategic Thinking. In other words, anti-satellite weapons development strategies tend to nuclear forces, in a bid to destroy enemy satellites on the whole system. But the problem is that in the initial stages of the competition space, this strategy is clearly quite match the intensity conflicts that may arise. And, driven by nuclear electromagnetic pulses with uncertain direction, so that the way to become a nuclear explosion, "crash and burn" barbaric attacks. In addition, having regard to the signed "partial nuclear test ban treaty" and "Outer Space Treaty", US Department of Defense finally removed all nuclear warheads to use anti-satellite weapons development plan. However, the pace of the US anti-satellite weapons development has not stopped anti-satellite weapons started toward small, precise and practical direction.

Based on the Cold War mentality, the US defense strategy has always been to maintain a kind of "absolute security"
From the Soviet confrontation so far, the US has been adhering to the "absolute security" of strategic awareness, also known as the Cold War mentality. In the Americans, even if itself has been the most powerful country in the world, and still worried about the threat from other countries. In this process, the United States does not understand the security needs of other countries, the other countries of security for the pursuit of understanding its security threats. So nuclear weapons, anti-satellite weapons as well. In fact, the United States was no longer nuclear weapons as an absolute advantage, because it is built on the advantage itself was destroyed on the basis of meaningless. Therefore, it only has spared no effort in seeking to develop new conventional weaponry absolute advantage, to intensify the development of all kinds of weapons against space, in order to maintain US leadership in the field of space.

Before and after the Soviet Union, the United States began to develop land, sea and space-based anti-satellite weapon variety. January 1989, the United States adopted a new anti-satellite weapons development program "tactical anti-satellite technology", will be directed energy and kinetic energy ASAT anti-satellite weapons as important as location. Especially directed-energy laser weapons, the ability to completely destroy a satellite or render ineffective sensitive electronic components by radiation satellite, which became the United States the main direction of the development of anti-satellite weapons.

October 1997, a preliminary test of the US Army confirmed the good performance of laser anti-satellite weapons. Test, the then US Army's most powerful laser to a space worth $ 60 million weather satellite emits a laser beam, two laser beams are emitted by the laser hitting the ground a height of 400 km, the flight speed of 26,800 km / h hours, with the volume of refrigerator-sized satellite, the first laser to attack satellites test was successful.

The late 1990s, the United States stepped up the development of high-energy particle beam weapons and microwave weapons, which are the United States for the development of anti-satellite capabilities to provide a variety of ways.

After entering the new century, many countries of space technology has been greatly developed. However, the US does not want in strategic areas of technology people can hold a candle, when the United States began to both destructive anti-satellite weapons and hidden direction.

In 2004, the US Army will kinetic energy ASAT weapons program was renamed "against the application of space technology program." First soft kill ASAT capability is included in the development work. Blinding Laser, microwave interference, pushing away from the soft kill rail and other means, not only can the enemy satellites paralyzed, but also get some free space in the military confrontation and diplomacy, and more importantly, it uses technology low risk, it will not be as hard-kill weapons after a large amount of space junk hit enemy satellites, affect the entire space orbit security, affecting the safe operation of America's own satellites.

In order to ensure absolute advantage in 2006, the Bush administration's "National Space Policy" overbearing emphasis on the United States to develop powerful and advanced space capabilities, while the United States has the right to undisturbed space systems. The most important feature is the US space policy in opposition to outer space weapons ban, and further emphasized the absolute freedom of outer space in the United States, noting that the United States has the right to prohibit hostile to US national interests into outer space. All these have provided policy support for the continued development of anti-satellite weapons.

That is, in this year, the United States launched the X-37B space plane development plan, which is a set of small satellite launch, aerial reconnaissance, anti-satellite capabilities in a multi-platform. In terms of anti-satellite, and it has advanced tracking, interference enemy satellites, and even be able to "capture" enemy satellites, intelligence has been stolen or taken away from its orbit. X-37B space against the United States opened the transition from the development of defensive countermeasure equipment for the equipment to develop the offensive against the prelude.

American satellite system is a "commanding heights" is its "weakness"
In recent years, with the change of the continuous development of space technology and great power military strategy, space has become the focus of the war in the national competition. The role of military satellites in the war increasing, due to the satellite with a high observation point, a large monitoring range, speed, regardless of frontiers, geographical or weather conditions and time limits, etc., making it obtain information warfare battlefield information, the implementation of all-weather, all-round primary means of combat support and one of the main platform for the implementation of the strategy of attack, it is also the direct support battlefield operations irreplaceable means.

As we all know, the United States has the world's most powerful military force, has the world's most advanced weaponry, especially in precision-guided weapons and anti-missile systems. However, to get these weapons power play, you must have a strong information support systems, mission satellite system is to pinpoint weapons, finding the target, the threat perception to provide accurate data. Once out of the satellite data information available to them, these sophisticated equipment just scrap pile. In this regard, a US Air Force officer proudly said, with advanced and powerful satellite technology, the United States no longer have to fight in the harsh environment of dense fog, just attack the "electronic cloud" on the line. In recent years, the US military in more than a local war actions have proven this point. But it also makes the US reliance on satellites is increasing.