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The Upgrading Of China's Manufacturing Industry As Its Own Responsibility, Maxphotonics Laser Self-motivated Step Forward
- Jun 20, 2014 -

The upgrading of China's manufacturing industry as its own responsibility, Maxphotonics laser self-motivated step forward

Maxphotonics Co., Ltd., which is located in Baoan, Shenzhen, led by the company's senior leadership, in the past 10 years, always adhere to the technology research and development, the promotion of China's manufacturing industry as the concept of business management. Production of several major series of products for its high-performance, high stability, cost-effective and technological innovation has won a greater sales market, in the contest of foreign brands, are occupying more and more initiative and voice. Products are widely used in materials processing, cutting, medical, scientific research, special materials processing and other fields, for more high-tech laser products can be applied to traditional industries in China has taken a solid step forward.

In early 2004, Maxphotonics registered in Shenzhen. It was founded at the beginning, planted the technology innovation gene. The company side of the Acting special fiber lasers and optical communications devices in order to obtain the necessary cash flow to survive, while major domestic research institutions, domestic and foreign well - known photoelectric manufacturers to start multi - directional exchanges and cooperation at the same time for the special needs of scientific research institutes, Research and development and sales of more than 1,000 kinds of special fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, special broadband laser light source. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no creative laser Maxphtonics did not do the fiber laser solutions and optical amplifier solutions or technology, it is these others cannot match the actual engineering experience to let maxphotoncis created a solid technical foundation.

After years of accumulation and precipitation, Accumulate maxphotnics laser out of China, creating much NO.1 of the world, in the international arena to let the world see the style of Chinese enterprises : in October 2008 successfully developed the world's first high Power single-frequency pulse / continuous dual-output fiber laser system; Maxphotonics acousto-optic Q-switched pulse lasers average power up to 100W, which represents the world's most advanced level; pulsed width adjustable MOPA fiber laser power up to 100 Tile, single pulse energy can reach 20000W, is also the NO.1 in the world.

Maxphotonics not only enables enterprises to win dignity, but also to the dignity of the nation. China is in a critical period of upgrading in manufacturing industry, fiber laser equipment industry maintain rapid growth, whether it is new demand or alternative needs have a huge market space. Accordingly, plays its engine role laser is ushered in the golden age of development. As a small number of domestic with the world advanced level almost the same high-tech enterprises, Maxphotonics laser will always adhere to breakthroughs the core optical components technology and high-power laser technology for the development of China's manufacturing industry to bring more new Hope, as the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry its mission.