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To Solve The Common Problems Of Stainless Steel Laser Cutting From The Point Of Process
- Jul 01, 2016 -

To solve the common problems of stainless steel laser cutting from the point of process

Fiber laser cut stainless steel, the use of laser beam irradiation to the steel surface of the release of energy to make stainless steel melting and evaporation. For the manufacture of stainless steel sheet as the main component, the use of laser cutting stainless steel is a fast and effective processing methods.

If the laser cutting process parameters are strictly controlled during the process, good corrosion resistance of such materials can be maintained. The impact of stainless steel cutting quality of the most important process parameters are cutting speed, laser power, air pressure and so on. Specific issues and debugging methods are as follows:

1. produce small droplets of regular glitches

Possible Causes:

(1) The focus is too low (2) The feed rate is too high


(1) Raise the focus (2) Reduce the feed rate


2.Both sides have long irregular filamentous burrs, the surface of large sheet discoloration.

Possible Causes

(1) Feed rate too low (2) Focus too high (3) Air pressure too low (4) Material too hot


(1) Increase the feed rate (2) Reduce the focus (3) Increase the air pressure (4) Cooling material


3.Only the edge of one side has long irregular burr.

Possible Causes

(1) Nozzle misalignment (2) Focus too high (3) Air pressure too low (4) Speed too low


(1)Alignthe nozzle (2)Lower the focus (3) Increase the air pressure (4) Increase speed


4.The material discharge from the above.

Possible Causes

(1) Power is too low (2) Feed rate is too high (3) Air pressure is too high


When this happens, press the Pause button immediately to prevent the slag from splashing onto the focusing mirror, increasing power, decreasing the feed rate, reducing air pressure

In addition to the above common problems, may also cutting edge will be yellow:

Possible Causes


Nitrogen contains oxygen impurities


Good quality, high purity nitrogen


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