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US researchers use laser surface preparation of high-quality carbon fiber
- Sep 14, 2016 -

US researchers use laser surface treatment to make high quality carbon fiber 

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) researchers developed for automotive lightweight carbon fiber composite material and laser surface treatment process of bonding a variety of other materials, it is expected to replace by abrasive grit, grit and environmentally harmful solvents manual processing surface technology, will help to provide higher quality carbon fiber.

This treatment process flexibility and low cost, since the front surface of the adhesive layer can improve performance by laser removal contacts, and the use of high volume automated provide the possibility.

ORNL researchers and R & D team leader Sabau said:. "Our technology is much better than the traditional view of the surface treatment method can greatly reduce the cost of carbon fiber polymer composites, this method increases the automotive industry, the use of this high-strength lightweight materials use, while the weight of cars and trucks to reduce the 750 lbs. "

Surface treatment of aluminum and carbon fiber-polymer composite bonding is a key step in the process, it will directly affect the quality of the seam.

In the production of the rolling process, the surface of the aluminum tends to form oil and other contaminants, while the carbon fiber surface, which often contain a number of release material.

"These surface contaminants can affect the quality of the surface energy and adhesion, so removing them is essential." Sabau explained. In addition, the laser penetrates the top layer of the resin, so that a single carbon fiber is exposed to direct bonding to the adhesive in order to achieve a higher quality of bonding.

Compared to conventional preparation of baseline joint energy laser through the joint surface of the structure prepared to be more absorbed by about 200%. Sabau said that this process is also doubling the energy absorbing joints, it can be used for collision safety device and armored vehicles.