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What is the advantage of laser marking machine compare with traditional screen printing, pad printing?
- Mar 05, 2016 -

What is the advantage of laser marking machine compare with traditional screen printing, pad printing?
Laser marking machine since its inception, by virtue of its unique advantages and excellent performance by the majority of manufacturers of the pro-Lai, more and more widely used in various fields. Laser engraving machine with high precision, non-contact, permanent, security, processability and high efficiency. What is the strengths and weaknesses compared with traditional screen printing, pad printing machine?

We start up the color distinction, laser so far can not play a variety of colors, it is a chemical reaction with the material produced by the high-temperature surface of the light, the presentation of the colors, usually three kinds of black, white, yellow. Screen printing, pad they can render colors, colorful, which is obtained by blending the ink, the ink only six basic colors, red, yellow, blue-green and white, and a variety of colors from the six color harmony ; ratio.

Production from the application point of view, we can speed, efficiency, degree of difficulty of the operation, security risks, product demand; the six aspects to understand.

Speed laser for forming from typesetting to LOGO, occupies an absolute advantage, to get rid of the silk screen, printing from film production - the plate - Netting - drying board - Mexican - Fixture - printed LOGO. Each intermediate step can not go wrong, you are far more complicated process of my imagination. Drawing from the laser - Composition - Location - play LOGO, in the middle of the process as long as the two software, the operation is simple, error rate.

No consumable for laser efficiency, eliminating the printing of ink. As long as workers operate on the laser and adjust drawing, but in the course of the screen constantly require workers to pay attention to whether the network is blocked, whether the printed graphics section, net surface clean, the external environment clean and free of dust.

Use level up screen or occupy the bulk of the market, after all, it is a veteran, colorful changes in the expression of many products LOGO still not as good as laser printing, single-color laser limits the development of laser in many industries.

The difficulty of the operation in terms of simple laser marking operation, careful printing operation, laser operation is to learn to pay attention to the CDR and laser machine comes with operating software, so in this study as long as you computer, easy to operate. The printing ink is first you have to choose the right, you have to choose the color, by means of a combination of a variety of colors and give the color you want, put the ink into the net plate, in the course you want to put heart and soul , printed on each part of the product, you have to repeat several actions, blade strength, network board is blocked, the network board is dirty, how much ink, and the ink printed on the product uniformity.

In terms of the security risks, it belongs to the laser glare, ink volatile gases belonging unpleasant. Laser LOGO playing time will inevitably produce some smoke and dust, and ink (components) as well as in the reconciliation process in India will produce an odor, which are the body has some damage, but the laser can be equipped with ventilation machine to solve this kind of problem, and the screen is indeed changing the entire work environment is not effectively improved.

Maxphotonics has focused on research, development and sales of laser, in a low-power Q-switched fiber laser applications in this area mature. We can provide customers with good solutions to achieve laser marking application area. To achieve win-win goal.

On product requirements in terms of all aspects of the integrated laser is still far higher than screen printing, laser LOGO shape, speed, operation, artificial, far better than the screen.