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Witnessing Glory, Maxphotonics Won The 2018 Ringier Technology Innovation Award
- Oct 24, 2018 -

The Ringier 2018 Laser Technology Application Summit was held in Shanghai Longzhimeng Hotel from October 18-19th, 2018. The forum brought together more than 100 top experts and scholars and industry leaders , focusing on laser processing technology. The latest market trends, technological innovations, application cases and solutions in the fields of automobile, sheet metal processing, intelligent manufacturing, machinery automation, etc., the first day of the forum also held the "2018 Laser Industry - Ringier Technology Innovation Award" award ceremony and celebration reception .


The Ringier Technology Innovation Award has been successfully held for 12 years and is hosted by Asia's leading industrial information media company, Ringier Industrial Media Limited. It is the most professional and influential industry selection in China. An independent jury composed of senior experts from domestic authoritative industry associations, universities and research institutes discussed and selected the participating companies in a fair and objective manner, and finally selected the most representative innovations in the laser field and Products, selection of laser processing systems, laser equipment components, optical materials and components.


Maxphotonics attended the awards ceremony as one of the representatives of the company and won the "Ringier Technology Innovation Award" with "12000W high-power multi-module continuous fiber laser". This award is designed to recognize innovative products and technologies that have made outstanding contributions in the industry. Maxphotonics won this award and the “12000W high-power multi-module continuous fiber laser” has brought breakthrough development significance to the laser industry.



In recent years, driven by the demand of industrial manufacturing applications, high-power fiber laser technology has become a hot research direction in the field of laser technology in China, and has achieved rapid development. At present, high-power fiber lasers have been widely used in the industrial field, and due to their productivity and cost advantages, they have gradually replaced other types of lasers. The 10,000-watt fiber laser has the characteristics of high beam quality, high electro-optical conversion efficiency and maintenance-free operation, and can be widely used in welding, cutting, brazing, heat treatment


Award-Winning Products


Product Advantages:

1. The power is continuously adjustable, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, the beam quality is high, the beam is cylindrical flat-top type, the spot distribution is uniform, and the advantages of processing thick plates can be used for thick plate cutting and welding;

2. Equipped with self-developed laser monitoring software, it can monitor the temperature, humidity, current and other parameters of the internal module, and keep abreast of the laser status;

3. It adopts anti-high-reverse design, can process high-reflection materials, ensure more stable and reliable in the processing of aluminum, copper and other metals, and has the function of return light inspection and protection;

4. The circuit part and the optical path part adopt the modular design of photoelectric separation. If the laser fails, the optical path or circuit module can be quickly replaced on site.

Cutting Samples: